What is Nomadderwhere?

A nomad never stops. A nomad moves and continues to flex their idea of home and comfort. A nomad doesn’t settle on one way of thinking or one surrounding. It’s a lifestyle of adaptation and life-long learning.

Nomadderwhere is a philosophy:

It doesn’t matter where you are, it matters that you’re always learning and flexing with your surroundings, whether you’re traveling or stationary.

To capture this idea is to capture the art of travel; to know the importance of movement and to become self-aware…because you are the only constant in your world.

This blog is for those who believe in life-long learning and movement. If you’re a soon-to-be graduate and would rather live out your travel dreams than sit at a desk, this blog is for you. If you are a long-term traveler who constantly takes on the obstacles and pleasures of a nomadic existence, this blog is for you. If you find it imperative to improve yourself every day by learning, expressing or shocking your mindset on new levels, this is a blog for you.

My name is Lindsay Clark, and I’m a young American, most often found in my parents’ basement in Indiana. This is my home base when I’m not out there. In the last three years I’ve sailed around the world with Semester at Sea, traveled solo around the world to 24 countries, and worked for STA Travel as a World Traveler Intern…on a trip around the world. I don’t know how it worked out that way, but in the last three years, I’ve done three global circumnavigations. Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend that to many people…or even any people. This was my pupu platter of the world, and now I know how I want to experience it.

It’s about connecting with a place and its people. This facilitates learning, when exposure leads to questions and answers and understanding. I learn when I stick around and talk with the people of the area. I used to thrive on the quick picture and hitting the next path, but having a big photo library does not sustain me. Knowing myself and partaking in the active pursuit of knowledge; this is what sustains me.

If you haven’t been keeping up with my blog thus far, welcome and please subscribe for periodic work on travel as well as videos and photos from 48 countries across the globe. And in order for me to know your interests, tell me what you want to know!

The new design

The new site design was not possible without the help of two key people: Jenn Vargas and Joost Bakker. Jenn has been an invaluable presence in the creation of this website, from start to finish. Her incredible ability to wrangle stubborn code and persistence with any problem I had are very much appreciated.

Joost’s generosity with the graphics is another reason why this site looks so bangin. He’s got mean skill with animation, game design, and cartoons, and I’m already looking to him for future work on a photography site. I highly recommend both of their services to those looking for web and graphic design. Thanks so much, you two!

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  • Justin Ehrecke

    I love the new design…I liked it a lot before and the content has always been good but I’m excited to keep up with the new changes! I’d love to run some ideas by you sometime and I’ll definitely keep those designers in mind as I build my own site.

  • Adriana

    love the blog!!!

    • Lindsay Clark

      So glad you approve! Thanks for reading.