Reviewing Chris Guillebeau’s Overnight Success

Flying nearly five hours across the majority of America, I had time to kill, or perhaps, stolen time from Mother Earth to finally do things I usually put off in the name of productivity.

These items stack up on my desktop, free ebooks and copied posts, awaiting the moment I have time to tap into them – notepad and pen poised.

Somewhere over the Great Plains, I tackled Chris Guillebeau‘s 279 Days to Overnight Success, an ebook on becoming a full-time writer I downloaded eight months ago. Boy, did I reap the rewards…

In the recent months, I’ve read a select few ebooks on various topics all relating to my desire to do what I love and get paid to make these activities sustainable. While some have been purely technical and others simply a momentary injection of inspiration, Chris’ points got me buzzing for action. I filled an empty document with so many notes, I had to stop mid-way through to organize the avalanche of thoughts.

Chris outlines the basics of his success for the people he most connects with – the artists, the bloggers and the entrepreneurs – and discusses how he became a full-time writer in 279 days, what income he has earned from his blog, how he establishes his brand and avoids being pulled down by online critics. I found an incredible amount of good ideas from this free ebook, some of which I’ve detail below:

  • Continue to put an emphasis on building online relationships with other bloggers and those who express interest in my site
    • Connect using LinkedIn
    • Develop ideas for symbiosis between these online entities
    • Tell those I follow “Thank You” for the work that they do and explain the value I reap from seeing their work
    • Ask my followers why they visit my site and what they perceive to be the value I can offer
  • Understand how to use what strengths I’ve got working for me
    • Site the publications that have endorsed my website
    • Promote the posts viewers seem to find more relevant
    • Use what connections I have to leverage my possibilities for income-making endeavors and answer questions about what I don’t yet know
    • Begin turning my most prized information into compact, helpful, entertaining guides or ebooks for possible income
  • Redefine the mark of success with my blog
    • Prioritize my time to have writing and creation at the top of the list
    • Nurture my current followers and speak as though I have the number I hope to attract from producing quality content
    • Create more posts on “Why” and further push the direction of my content toward my preferred destination
    • Value constructive criticism but learn to recognize toxic criticism and not let it suck my energy like that one vampire everyone’s obsessed with at the movies

That’s only a fraction of my potential action inspired by this free ebook, not to mention the four new blog posts ideas I came away with.

The 79 pages took me a couple hours to read thanks to all the note-taking and thought-provoking that went on. It’s hard to find or rationalize that time to read such resources, but I definitely found value in checking out Chris’ personal advice on improving what I love to do.

Read Chris’ ebook on Online Success for yourself

Has anyone else read Chris’ manifesto on full-time writing yet? What was your reaction, and did you find any value in his words?

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