Video of the Week: The Challenge Edition (Webcam)

Traveling creates a lifestyle of constant challenges, which then facilitate self-discovery and, in turn, happiness. This week, I report from my post alone in northern Indiana to ask you: how would you challenge yourself with a home experiment that would simulate the effects of travel?

Notes from this week’s Video of the Week:

  • I continue to get back to the basics by concentrating on a few key things: cooking, physical activity, and expression.
  • Challenge for you: What would your month-long self-discovery experiment be?

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  • TravelDreamer

    I did my version of the seclusion project last summer for four and a half months in Idaho. I lived with family I knew of but didn’t know them. What I learned was that things change in a blink of an eye everywhere even in a place I always thought of as slow, that I really can go with out the beach for longer than two months, and that rode trips aren’t as bad as they once were (as long as we stopped for the night in Navada). Can’t wait for more great stuff from you!