The Mucho México Launch

Monday, the 27th, we celebrated the launch of the Mucho Mexico series for Our event at La Palapa in the East Village was vibrant and packed, with phenomenal food and a great ambiance.

I’m so proud of the work we created from this experience. Can’t wait to showcase another amazing country to the education and travel world.

Launch video interviews filmed and edited by Jenny M Buccos (also edited by Lindsay Clark)
See additional credits for segments, extra footage, and photography at

Featured Photo by Sara Salamone
©, 2010

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  • Dadski

    Just viewed the MEx series…great job girl!

    I’m proud of you. Jenny’s lucky to have you.


  • JennyB

    Am well aware of the awesome-ness of Lindsay Clark. Thanks for all the hardwork on this series! Let’s hit the next location.

  • Lindsay Clark

    Aw, shucks, you two…