The Missed Airborne Opportunity

With recent years of life seeing 30 flights or more,

it’s almost surprising today marks a first in my life as a transient.

Reliant on repetitive lessons or others for the logistics,

I rarely put much thought into an airport day.

The more effort and worry

at times the more likely I actually grasp the astounding experience

of lifting off.

Rolling in frantically only to return with extinguished visions of the day.

Two choices can immediately consume.

Goats gallop to escape the finger that blames for bliss lost.

The more powerful of the two choices, however, is the one

that results in lemonade.

Energy is the only thing gone forever.

The mental side of things can happily balance on a beam of relativity.

To potentially be on the move already elevates your lifestyle in the bubble

to one that eggs the world on for challenges.

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