A weekend in Boston

I took a vacation for myself, and it was evidence enough that the casual weekend away should be more of a priority. It was close by, surprisingly economical, and equivalent to a routine enema – a metaphorical flushing of habitual activity, not your bi-weekly bowl of Colon Blow.

Here’s a vignette of my weekend with friends in Boston, Massachusetts.

I’m overly focused on the long-term trip, when really there are far more people (especially in America) poised and prepared to go somewhere for a couple days than there are people raring for an RTW. Are there any weekend trips you’ve always wanted to take but haven’t yet? Tell me about it, and then go book your Megabus ticket.

Video Editing Note: In this vignette, I wanted to play with the idea of aged, albeit timeless, summer footage, which matched perfectly with this Peanuts-reminiscent soundtrack by Jeris. Of course, I had to include the beautiful capacity of the DSLR video during most of the video clips. I also did a lot of research on how to create the 35mm slide projector look. If you’re pining for the HD version, head to Vimeo. Any tips or feedback?

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  • IGORoamandreport

    Beautiful! The music and effects vividly capture the lazy, hot summer day.

    • Lindsay Clark

      Thanks, Igor! That’s saying a lot, because Igor here is a savvy filmmaker…check his link.

  • Eileen Thai

    Lived in Quincy for a decade and never knew about Houghton’s Pond! Always used to go to Walden Pond and other places far from where we used to live.