Investigating the art and evolution of the film title

I’ve managed to compile myriad jobs and hobbies that complement each other, one absorbing skills to improve the other, making me feel like I’m ascending Penrose steps.

I spent the day researching ways to improve filmmaking skills that don’t include paying for or attending film school, a theme I’m covering for Matador. While doing so, I ran across this gem of a video, which attracted me with its RJD2 soundtrack alone. Also, I’d give ‘the art of…’ anything a chance (even that horrible Art of Travel movie).

Perusing the many videos highlighting brilliant title sequences in film and TV, I’m immediately jazzed about learning animation and advanced graphics. My previous practice with titles in online video is to produce the title within ten seconds of its start. Aside from some stylistic guidelines, that’s all the thought I’ve applied. With this study spanning decades of filmmaking, I’m inspired to pay closer attention to my video introductions, more than just watching the timeline and using a provided Motion template.

Perhaps the most intriguing comparison with past and present concepts is the affinity for an aged appearance. It’s comforting and pleasantly dusty, and it gives me more ideas for vintage effects. Do you have any favorite video motif that you rely on the title sequence delivering?

If you like or produce film, I encourage you to find some of your favorite movies and title sequences on Art of the Title and read the thoughtful copy and interviews below them. The post on the 2011 Emmy nods for best title is especially great.

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  • Benjamin

    Hey Miss Nommader,
    Found your blog through a Matador article you wrote (a dude who is teaching myself how to make movies :)

    I love a good title sequence (the guy falling through the titles is my favorite) myself and although I haven’t got around to teaching myself, it is definitely on the docket.

    Rock the world!

    • Lindsay Clark

      Hi Benjamin, I’m glad you liked the film school post enough to check out my own site! After looking through your site a bit, I can see you’re on your way to some snazzy title sequencing. I liked your bridge jumping video and title use a lot. Compelling from start to finish. What program do you use for those/for editing? Thanks for reading and commenting!