This is what the last three months in Ecuador looked like

A break from being on-location isn’t a vacation; it’s when post-production begins. The gray days of Indiana don’t make me feel guilty for holing up in my room, rubbing elbows with the likes of Photoshop and Final Cut Pro. Though I got to experience some incredible sights in my three months in Ecuador, the majority of my time was spent staring at a similar vista: a high-powered spread of Steve Jobs’ many contributions to society.

With two terabytes of content to weed through, the process is slow and deliberate. As media specialist, I have to provide the window into life and academics at the world’s first and only global, mobile high school. What my viewfinder sees is what prospective students, teachers, and interested parties see. It’s challenging, but I can be creative, innovative, and create the kind of media that organically comes out of my system.

My hands have only process a small fraction of what my eye saw in Ecuador, this being my current photographic output.

There was rarely a time when I didn’t feel the necessity to document something; it all carried the weight of potentially useful in the eyes of a one-person production crew. My schedule seemed the product of an ADHD-ridden ninja. And on those rarest of occasions, I was able to venture around the corner of my hotel home to see angles of Cuenca myself.

Photography is relatively speedy to edit and publish, but video content takes exponential amounts of effort and time to produce. I won’t be able to fully illustrate the South American voyage with experiential video for months, but for the time being, this science class underwater is the sole window.

What is it you’re pining to see from Ecuador?

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  • Emily McManus

    Can’t wait to hear about the food and the people and also to see some photographs!

    • Lindsay Clark

      Emily, could you see the photographs embedded above? And I’ve got a post in progress covering food, people, and a few other things about Ecuador. Thanks for your comment!

      • Emily McManus

        I can! I realized that I’m an idiot right after I left that post… I think I figured they were videos at first. Great photos nonetheless and you’re such an inspiration to travelers! Working on my own travel blog now :)

        • Lindsay Clark

          Thanks so much, Emily!