This is what the last three months in Thailand looked like

Just as in Ecuador, this is what I stared at every day of the Thailand term: my portable media HQ of two MacBook Pros, an iPad, an iPhone, and about 13 TB worth of storage power. I see pixels in my dreams.

However, what wasn’t just like Ecuador was my workload. With the addition of a co-teacher in Creative Arts, I earned days onto my work week. That meant videos were made on the ground, and (gasp!) I was able to shave off hours here and there to do things for myself. There were Thai massages to offset editing sessions slouched at the computer, bike rides to the open market down the country road to purchase cooking ingredients, and the scattered nights of salsa dancing in the city. I wasn’t ‘well-rounded’ by most working American standard, but I was improving.

I’m still finding images to process, but these are the ones that made the first cut!

This set is the evidence of Lindsay time in Thailand, and there’s still plenty more to publish.

What is it you’re pining to see from Thailand?

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