What our experiences in Berlin look like thus far

Though I’m not processing my own experiences in video form as of lately (due to lack of time), I’m really please with what I’ve been able to crank out in Berlin. There are moments when what I’ve documented for work has impacted me, mostly at Wannsee Haus where the Final Solution was created.

In this great city of culture and history, cinematic moments abound. Here are the ones I’ve caught thus far.

Getting lost in Berlin

Global Studies teacher Andrew McLean sent the students on a scavenger hunt around Berlin, Germany this weekend. Though they were asked to visit points of interest like famous synagogues and the Pergamon museum, students were encouraged to discover new locations and have personal experiences with their new host city. Equipped with their iPhones, they documented each unique adventures to share with peers and reflect afterward. (L. Clark)

ANZAC Day memorial service in Berlin, Germany

ANZAC Day is a time when Australians and New Zealanders pause to reflect on those who fought on foreign lands, believing that they were leaving a legacy for the generations after them. With four New Zealanders and an Australian as part of the TGS community, it seemed like a good idea to attend the ANZAC Day service, this year hosted by the New Zealand Embassy at the 1939-45 War Cemetery in Berlin. Furthermore, they have been studying legacy and memory in World Literature class. Students were asked to reflect on the service and how it is observed in Germany where there has to be a degree of political sensitivity. (A. McLean)

Wannsee Haus & the Final Solution

Global Studies teacher Andrew McLean and World Literature teacher Irene Krugman coordinate a visit to the Wannsee Haus where the conference for the Final Solution took place. At the Wannsee conference, Hitler’s top officers developed the document that led to the death of millions of Jews. (L. Clark & A. McLean)

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