This is what the last three months in Germany looked like

This title isn’t entirely accurate; it should be more like “This is what the last three months in Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, and parts of Scandinavia looked like…and other cool stuff, too.” The first two terms in Ecuador and Thailand left little time for experiencing the surrounding culture. I mostly stared in a viewfinder or at my computer screens for six months.

Then came Germany.

Freshly relieved of my Creative Art teaching responsibilities and greatly assisted with social media management, I not only had time to create videos, edit photography, and write blogs on the ground; after a 10-hour day, I regularly had hours to myself in the evening to produce work of my own volition and be in the incredible city of Berlin.

I lived with two other faculty members in a very cute apartment 4km from the students. That space gave me quiet time to crank out content and a delightful bike ride to mend the gap and feel a part of the surrounding residential community. In terms of my own satisfaction in a job well done, it was a term vastly different from the other two. Professional me and human me both had the freedom to seek their potential.

This is my work from the Germany term in a nutshell (or a Flickr set).

And this is the evidence of life after the 10-hour work day.

What is it you’re pining to see from Germany and those parts of Europe?

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  • Matt Bradley

    I absolutely love the ‘East Berlin’ image!
    It’s definitely on my list of places to visit!
    If only I could set that as my background haha
    Matt :)

    • Lindsay Clark

      That’s very kind of you, Matt! Check your Facebook messages for a little special something.