Have you heard about this global school of mine?

I like telling stories around the world: in written form, through snazzy visuals, and from both experiential and academic perspectives. I would do this of my own volition (ahem, Nomadderwhere), but thankfully my job allows me to do this for pay every day. From time to time though, I also make marketing videos to give more context of this visionary establishment that houses such endeavors. Here are the latest ones of note.

Would you like to see who I work with?

Or how about the environment in which the students live?

I create content on the daily for TGS, so if you’d like to follow more closely, check out their Facebook page, Twitter feed, Flickr account, YouTube channel, or Vimeo account. I’m always trying to get better as a one-man crew, so any and all production critique or commentary is welcome!

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Videos are those of THINK Global School. The opinions stated in this post are mine and do not reflect the positions, strategies, or opinions of THINK Global School.

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  • Rachael

    Hey Lindsay!

    Wow – I just wanted to say… I come back and check out what you’ve been up to every few months or so, and I am always amazed by you. I’ve followed you from WTI, through your Fiji project, Project Explorer, and now as you continue in your amazing job that I am so jealous of (truly the coolest job in the world, and obviously a great fit for you!)

    I’ve been fascinated to see the things you are working on and see how you somehow get better and better at everything you do.

    Recently I started working for a nonprofit that facilitates international exchange. Sadly, I’m not quite traveling the world like you – we are based in the States and facilitate tons of professional exchange and experiential learning programs both coming into the U.S. and Americans going abroad – but I am trying to up our game in the communications and social media realms. I think the work you are doing is going to prove as a real inspiration in that area!

    One thing I am hoping to do is be able to create some great videos like these you’ve made for THINK. It’s hard because I have few opportunities to capture raw footage myself – only when a program happens to be somewhere nearby like D.C., but I want to get practicing! What kind of programs and equipment do you use? ANY tips you could offer would be so great. I know you’ve spent thousands of hours perfecting your craft just in the area of filmmaking – like I said, I have watched and read about your growth! I also know you are crazy busy, but I’d greatly appreciate any insights or lessons learned you have.

    Thanks and best of luck! And next time you’re in the Baltimore/DC area – let me know! :)


    • Lindsay Clark

      Thanks so much for the question, Rachael. I had so much to say that I turned it into a Q&A blog post :) Let me know your thoughts and anyone who has tips for Rachael, comment on this post.