A hauntingly beautiful snowstorm blows over Boston Common

On Friday evening, I was captivated by the oncoming snowstorm called Nemo that blanketed the city of Boston. From a perch overlooking the State House and the Boston Common, I could watch the sky darken and the air become increasingly opaque.

Every 15 minutes, I captured a few seconds of the unfolding scene, ultimately mashing all the clips together. Around 9pm, my window was so coated with snow, I had to open it to get a good shot. That’s when I truly realized how beautiful this natural phenomenon was.

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  • Andi Perullo, L.Ac.


    • Lindsay Clark

      Thanks, Andi! It was definitely an instance where you’re attracted to something destructive and halting, like a tornado…or Ronaldo.

  • Escape Hunter

    You feel cold just by watching the video.
    That golden cupola looks interesting…
    I know Boston has a reputation of being very cold and windy during the cold months.

    • Lindsay Clark

      Boston was bitter cold in the dead of winter but surprisingly not as far off from the Indiana winters I’m used to. Watching Nemo hit the State House was an eerie experience. If we had to be trapped indoors, I’m glad we could have such a stunning view to take in the power of nature.