I run a high altitude micro bakery in Denver, Colorado. My mission is to bring the world back together... in the oven. Specializing in naturally leavened bread, I make sourdough bread weekly as a subscription service for local customers. I also offer consultations to help home bakers bring sourdough to their home ovens. And for those living elsewhere, I offer a subscription to sourdough knowledge called The Sourdough Digest. Learn more below!

Live in Denver?

Receive weekly sourdough bread or a consultation

Eat Sourdough

Subscribe to weekly sourdough bread, and count on a delicious boule or sandwich loaf to tide you over through the weekend.

  • All naturally leavened

  • All cold proofed for maximum flavor and health benefits

  • Most are vegan and/or vegetarian

  • Some highlight culinary traditions from my experiences abroad

I live near downtown Denver and offer pick-ups weekly.

Buy bread via my online store for a weekly subscription or text me at 720-295-3494.

Not in Denver?

Subscribe to the Sourdough Digest and become a sourdough baker at home

Make Sourdough

Let me help you enter the realm of sourdough with a weekly subscription that features:

  • info for beginners on the world of fermented bread

  • original recipes for bread and baked goods

  • tips for bakers who want to get creative

  • stories, photos, and videos to break it down

By subscribing, you’ll receive a batch of CiCi, my sourdough culture, to hydrate and use at home. It will be sent in the mail upon receipt of your subscription.


Some FAQs

Where’s your menu?

I am always developing new recipes but my staple sourdough loaves are:

  • House Sourdough $6.50

  • Sourdough Sandwich Bread $8

  • Rosemary & Roasted Garlic $7

  • Shiitake & Onion Whole Wheat $8

  • Rustic Seeded Sourdough $8

  • Jalapeño Cheddar Monster $10

I also make specialty loaves that merge food traditions into one loaf.

Here’s the latest menu.

How long is the bread good for?

“Keep sourdough bread in a cool, dry area. Properly stored, sourdough bread will last for about 4 to 5 days at normal room temperature. Sourdough bread should ideally not be refrigerated, as it will dry out and become stale faster than at room temperature.”

What’s proper storage you ask? I leave mine out on the counter if I want a crispy crust, and I put it in a plastic bag if I want a softer crust.


Why buy MY bread?

Bread is a staple food. It can come very cheap. So why buy sourdough from a home baker instead of the store? And why me?

  • Sourdough is made with only flour, water, and salt. It’s naturally leavened with wild yeast and bacteria occurring in the environment. The dough is fermented, making it easier to digest and absorb nutrients. Most store-bought sourdough isn’t real sourdough and therefore doesn’t have the same health benefits.

  • I got the chance to experience many different cuisines while traveling, and I love to experiment with blending flavors and techniques into one unique item. I have many ideas for speciality loaves on top of my standard loaves.

  • I’m certified to handle food through the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (cert # 3227463, exp. 1/19/2021). I sanitize my kitchen before and after every bake.

What would you do if money didn’t matter?