A Cartoon Tiger, a Phone Call, and a New Bambina

The Long and Short of STA's Announcement for my 2009 WTI spot.

My mom got me hyped up on Tuesday, explaining how STA would probably contact the ten and/or the interns the day before the big announcement. Tuesday quickly went from a low-stress, jam-packed day of watching little ones run around to one of terror and excitement for my future. With a heart truly set on this opportunity, I had to made evacuation plans for my sanity, in case I did not receive the golden ticket. I believed my heartache would need intense therapy and an immediate distraction. Two children leaned on my arms and lap while I tried to shade a cartoon tiger and explain the effects of 2 and 3 dimensions in drawing. It went completely over their heads, but I like to pretend I can impart knowledge and appear intelligent to those decades younger than I.

The phone rang, and I nearly soiled myself. I felt sick, the sensation of vomiting pending on the yay or the nay that awaited me after pressing the green phone symbol on my big, bad mobile. I thank the sweet spirits of debilitating anticipation that Kristen didn't make small talk before announcing I was one of the interns. Glee.

My knees nearly buckled, and I had the strong desire to lie down on the floor (a regular Clark pastime and relaxation technique). The kids stared at me in confusion, and I was reminded of a Schoolhouse Rock song upon seeing "the whites of their eyes". Not much verbal communication happened after that from my end as I was experiencing a plethora of tingles and jingles and a flashback to my middle school stuttering days.

Now, when I got my first big part in a play, my parents heard the message on the phone machine before I got home from school. Upon getting my acceptance letter to high school, the parental units gave me the knife to open the envelope. Mama called with the results of my college acceptance while I was away on a school trip with Papa Bear. Never have I had the opportunity to utterly shock my parents with incredible news...until now.

Telling the Family

I got in the car after work, screamed in sporadic staccato, and drove home to sit on my big secret before I concocted a plan. That night I had a very important dinner with the family, one that will be a fond memory forever with the announcement that my brother and his beloved lady were having a girl. My parents insisted I drive us to the restaurant, a bad idea considering I was completely distracted, but I managed to get in only a few near accidents without bursting the thought bubble hovering over my head.

Pulling him aside from the bar at the restaurant, I told my brother in order to explain that I didn't want to stomp on the thunder of his big night. He and Allison, the oven of the bun, then went to the dinner table to unzip their jackets and reveal shirts reading

It's a Girl!

Kicks to my shins implied I needed to announce my big thing, so I placed my phone in front of Mom as she told a story to the table. The phone displayed a message from the "team" wishing congratulations, but she got too carried away in her own recountance to notice my hint for many minutes. Ian laughed at me from across the table, as I had to continue refreshing the backlight, but an eventual eye wandering down to the table caught a glimpse of "Congratulations", and she stopped mid-sentence to scream, hug, and shed a lone tear.

I'm an aunt and a very lucky lady. Thank you for the opportunity to work my bootay off for all of you.