And We're Off!

If you don't know what this icon means, you're WAY behind in the internet game, sir or madam. You should probably just click on it now. Go ahead...I'll wait.

Are you interested in following my trip around the world with Chris Danner and STA? If not, why are you even here?! I'm mean, come on! This is a trip to Fiji, Australia, Asia, Africa, and Europe. I'm traveling with a guy I'm meeting TODAY, and I don't have to pay for a thing! We're hitting ten countries in 3 months and meeting thousands of people along the way. If that's not compelling, then someone needs to explain to me the workings of the human mind and the appeal of American Idol.

This could be a turning point for me, the chance for my passion's to hit a large audience and, dare I say, make an impact in the inquiring minds of wishful travelers. I look forward to this opportunity with jittering anticipation, like a dog in much need of a bathroom break outside. Envision that, and that's what I look like right about now. I'm pumped.

Again, please SUBSCRIBE to my posts for this summer by clicking on the image above or the similar orange button on the top right of the site, and get ready to spend this summer trotting the globe with Chris and I through your thoughts and dreams. And, remember that this trip is in desperate need of input and feedback. Make your opinions, questions, and recommendations known through this website or the STA World Traveler Intern website.

Now let's get a move on.  To Lewisville, Texas! Oh...and following my twitter might be a smart idea, too.