Travel Mecca: Day 2

Dallas is quite a sprawling metropolis, and at her outskirts is a little place some call Heaven...others call Lewisville. When Carly brought us into view of this nook of Texas, I was enthralled by the George Jetson highways soaring above us, the rhythm of strip malls and restaurants lining all roads, and the amount of cars that made up the moving landscape. They really DO do it bigger in Texas. Alright, alright. STA Travel, a.k.a. Travel Mecca, is everything I thought it would be, thanks to the YouTube video coverage parodying The Office and the regular Facebook clips for assorted sweepstakes. When faced with the chance to introduce myself to the company and express my joy and anticipation for the journey ahead, I resulted to the "words cannot express" method (since it's completely applicable here) but wished I could've wowed them with the skills that got me chosen in the first place. Gotta save something for the videos and such. Yeah, that was my strategy all along...

Meeting after meeting flew by discussing our itinerary, our assignments, our incredible equipment, and I buzzed on coffee and questions. Are we really discussing right now a trip that we are taking for free? And all we have to do is tell you and show you how much fun we're having? There still has to be a catch to this whole crackpot scheme. Ah, but no, my friends, we really were covering the details of our African safaris, followed by our Cape Town adventures, followed by our Greek island hopping (and so on and so on).

And with a quick final word of advice from Rachel and Pat, we were off to have dinner and drinks with the STA crew and discuss travel styles, destinations, and the passions behind it all. This, for me, would constitute as celestial perfection, a.k.a. Heaven (cue to harking angels and a beam of light from above). Just a couple chums talking about travel tales over Shiners.

Speaking of Heaven, our last stop for the night to indulge in a "time-honored Texan tradition" brought us to a destination called Red Neck Heaven. Sounds too good to be true, no? Ah, but it wasn't. In fact, I watched four boys inhale live fish down their gullets and one very distressed woman choke back a very, very dead one due to some evil peer pressure.

I, without a lick of regret, did not partake in the challenge and instead could really appreciate the flamboyant horn that sounded after they took their shots. Just like an old neighbor's truck horn in Wabash. Played a little melody I know all too well. The sound of success, if you ask me.