Feasting on the specialness of visiting Bhutan

Writing and having tea in Bhutan

Writing and having tea in Bhutan

Slow feet

Slow eyes

Slow decisions with little contemplation of options

Nauseating excitement has slightly fermented into a smoother approach

With time to wander the streets of Thimphu I mosey, no muscles or desires attempting to accelerate a slow discovery

Light, open spaces, crowds, and amusing sounds I can't remember but a handful of passing thoughts during the walk

There were a few moments that made me pause and take a photo

Those genuine moments are visitors from another time

When I traveled to be moved

Bhutan has loosened the muscle memory developed over years

Bambi-like, I can't handle the opportunity presented to my present being

Luckily sentences are forming and emotions identified

Maturity has also informed my nausea awareness

It's like I've actually wished away the others

The price and inaccessibility have played a major role in my value system

I know with full certainty I am in a special place and all I can do is

Move slowly, drink a tea, and take in moments like I used to...

Slowly, and bit by bit.

Written over tea in Thimphu, Bhutan while traveling and working with THINK Global School.