Q&A: teaching digital storytelling - live chat!

Semester at Sea impacts my day yet again :)

Matthew Straub and I were on the S'07 voyage together, and a few years later, we discussed participation in The Nakavika Project after I returned from Fiji. I think having the common bond of SAS-hood inspires people to stay connected and communicative with other global and passionate people. Since chatting about potential collaboration on TNP, we've been in touch about ideas and our work.

This morning, I jumped on a Google Hangout with Matthew to respond to his recent question about digital storytelling and high school students. He is coordinating communications for a 5-week program through Singularity University called "Exponential Youth Camp."

After a quick catch-up from our respective cities of Chicago and Hiroshima, we dove into understanding his program, his objectives for documentation, and ways to tackle potential challenges.

It was enjoyable to consider a new context for the newMedia Lab curriculum and lessons learned from its implementation at our traveling high school. I hope more opportunities arise like this.

Send in your questions, too!