Identify, prioritize, and fulfill your lifelong aspirations.

  1. Hitchhike in the back of a rickety truck with chickens, goats, or other nervous livestock
  2. Live on a beach for a long time
  3. See the Northern Lights = Done November 2015
  4. Go one month without wearing shoes (and not getting tetanus) (almost in Fiji)
  5. Ushuaia and Antarctica (when I'm much older)
  6. Everest base Camp with Alexis and Garrett
  7. Do something exciting in the Andes
  8. Extended South American experience = Done Aug 31 - Dec 7, 2011 Ecuador and Aug 20 - Dec 17, 2012 Argentina
  9. Go to a remote town and teach something = Done Dec 2009 - Jan 2010 in Nakavika, Fiji
  10. Mongolia
  11. Borneo
  12. Meet Amy Sedaris and crack a successful joke
  13. Make a steady and sustainable income from my writing and creative work = Done Aug 2011 onwards
  14. Sell a photo or an article to a National Geographic print magazine
  15. Madagascar
  16. Cuba
  17. Become a capable Latin dancer
  18. Learn how to do the windmill break dancing move
  19. Make simple sushi = Done, rolled zushimaki Feb 2014 in Kyoto
  20. Running. (almost got in a habit in Germany...but not really)
  21. Build a piece of furniture for my residence
  22. Get over my jitters of Scuba and learn how to dive = Done Dec 29th, 2009
  23. Cross a country border by foot, bike, boat, plane, auto, segway, self-propelled water vessel, dance, skates, skateboard, and so on
  24. Spain to see flamenco dancing = Done Sep 2015
  25. Suck it up and try some ballsy food like innards, camel, sea urchin, and anything not typical of an American suburban diet = Done Jul 25 oysters, Aug 5 haggis, and Dec 2009 pig kidney
  26. Meet Anthony Bourdain, get him really drunk, and make him sing karaoke
  27. Drive across Central America from its top to bottom
  28. Learn one bush mechanic trick
  29. Do a really long biking adventure
  30. Camp for a long time = Done Aug/Sep 2008
  31. Road trip at least half of the United States width-wise
  32. Return to Kashmir = Done Nov 2013
  33. Portugal to hear fado music = Done Sep 2015
  34. Pakistan and Afghanistan mountains
  35. Have a regular column in a publication
  36. Become utterly devoted to an already-existing or self-founded charity that I connect profoundly with = Done The Nakavika Project Dec 2009 - Jan 2010 & THINK Global School 2011 - 2017
  37. Return to Wabash, Indiana and do something good = Done Jul 2012 making a video for Clean Out The Banks!
  38. Galápagos = Done Oct 1 - 16, 2011
  39. Learn how to make reductions, sauces, and special preparation dishes with finesse and consistency
  40. Iceland = Done Jun 11 - 23, 2018
  41. Read a 300+ page book in one day
  42. Find the perfect city I'm supposed to live in for the remainder of my life = Done Jul 16, 2018 (Denver)
  43. Be an extra in a Bollywood movie
  44. Climb Kilimanjaro = Completed on June 15, 2014!
  45. Pet a lion
  46. Publish a book = maybe Fall 2019?
  47. Take a weekly dance classes for at least one year as an adult
  48. Hike a 14er in Colorado
  49. Have a gallery exhibition = Done with Far, Far Away in May 2013 at Honeywell Center in Wabash, IN
  50. Compose a song (half-way there)
  51. Teaching certification
  52. Participate in La Tomatina and wear a snorkel mask
  53. Road trip across México
  54. Learn how to make music mashups (half-way there)
  55. Learn conversational Portuguese
  56. Learn conversational German
  57. Work again with Ernesto Bazan
  58. Traverse the Camino de Santiago de Compostela and stay in the medieval hostels along the way, working my art history knowledge like it's my business
  59. Have kid(s) be continued

3. Seeing the Northern Lights. Image by Lindsay courtesy of TGS, 2015

13. Making a steady income with TGS. Image courtesy of Mark Surnin, 2014

32. Return to Kashmir (toothbrushes donated by my dentist)

44. Climb Kilimanjaro. Image by Lindsay courtesy of TGS, 2014

49. Have a gallery exhibition. Image courtesy of Amy Sullivan, 2013