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A reason to re-examine the definition of Nomadderwhere

Ordering images for my digital photography exhibition in Wabash, Indiana, Flickr

I was recently reviewing my explanation of the term “nomadderwhere”…ya know, for kicks, because that’s what I do on Spring Break. Or, more accurately, I was looking for more meaning to go behind the sequence of my images for a photo exhibition. I began with the image I loved the most, because it’s the latest […]

About Lindsay Clark

nmw profile

I have a real passion of sharing my passion for the world to the world. Lindsay Clark has spent the last seven years circumnavigating the world three times, documenting experiences for global corporations and non-profits worldwide. With 54 countries under her belt at the age of 28, she takes this stuff seriously. Born in Wabash, […]

Welcome to the New Nomadderwhere!

First Time Here?

Last year, my site took on a major change – from a free little ditty, dark and unappealing, to a self-hosted site, clean and click-worthy. Today is the start of another new beginning, a switch from a travel blog to something more than tips and stories. Though I’m still available and happy to answer questions […]

What is Nomadderwhere?

Lindsay in a porthole

A nomad moves and continues to flex their idea of home and comfort. A nomad doesn’t settle on one way of thinking or one surrounding. It’s a lifestyle of adaptation and life-long learning.