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A patchwork quilt of my Indian days


My third exploration of these Instagram collages is providing some great perspective on our time in India. Instagram images feel like highlights of daily joys, and usually a sum-up post of images from a place is a showcase of your best and most influential moments. Making a little visual quilt of the daily joys seems to weave the kind of fabric that makes sense to my mind and likely memorializes a place akin to how I will mentally.

What is evidence of good travel?

Ajanta Caves, Aurangabad, India

We burn fuel, and sometimes we observe where that takes us,
hypothetically hoping it’s toward patch-covered nirvana, an open mind
Regardless of the “where to” but focusing on the “so what”
What is travel, and what is a traveler?

A patchwork quilt of my Boston days

Instagram Boston mosaic

I found this idea while in Buenos Aires and used it to memorialize my little life in the Argentine capital. I tried it out again with the beautiful city and experience of Boston, MA.

Attending my first opening night via the interwebs

First photography exhibition in Wabash, Indiana attending via Skype, virtually, Honeywell Center

Thought it wasn’t my first choice to attend virtually, it was my only realistic option, as I was deeply embedded in school on May 1st, the day of the event. But this was a big moment for me, a first exhibition for an art major and with deep significance in location at that. I wanted to be able to absorb these factors viscerally and emerge from the experience enriched and with the sense that I had exhibited work always meant for others’ eyes.

Spring Break: the tropical one where I kept saying “What are the chances?”

Golf cart in St. Thomas, Water Island, USVI, USA, travel, on the road

I booked my ticket to St. Thomas a week prior to going, and one hour after I confirmed my flight, my friend from high school posted a photo of his current view from the same island. This friend, Merlin (the one person I always feel most likely to run into around the world), was in [...]

Help me prepare for my first travel photography exhibition

Lindsay photographing at a rugby championship, Joann McPike

This exhibition entitled “Far, Far Away” is a chance for some people in Wabash, Indiana to see destinations and cultures they otherwise might never see. Additionally, all the images were taken by people who claim Wabash as their hometown, adding a layer of accessibility to the images. The other person sharing the space with me will be showing many images from Antarctica. Just amongst the two of us, our images will span all seven continents!

A little valentine for my dear, sweet Buenos Aires

BsAs Ork poster white

Not only was this the longest time I’ve lived in an international city, it also happened to be a culture I fully embraced. Our impending departure pricked me in the last week, drawing up thick sentiment I could only process through creation. What could I make that would facilitate a meditation on a city that showed me a wonderful time?

This is what the last four months in Argentina looked like

Recoleta cemetery, Buenos Aires, sunset, Argentina

On top of having a beautiful apartment in a central location, I lived with an hilarious roommate and part-time caterer with a debilitating case of FOMO. Together, we worked and played in this international city that showed us both its best and worst. It was the setting for incredible discovery at school and major learning moments personally. There are nail marks across our apartment floors and airport terminals where we refused to leave.

A patchwork quilt of my Argentina days

Argentina instamosaic

Packing commences soon for the USA. Mental packing happens sooner. I had a little life here in Argentina. It will be remembered a little something like this.

Photoblog: Sundays in Buenos Aires make the whole week

A sunset over Recoleta cemetery in Buenos Aires

For over a month, I’ve been sinking my claws into Buenos Aires, Argentina. Within the first two weeks, I found an apartment with a new roommate/co-worker in the beautifully-located barrio called Recoleta. Its coordinates in the city as well as decor and baller terrace(s) cause me to internally chant: I’m not worthy!

Photoblog: a summertime reunion of travel friends in Vermont

Playing in the backyard in Vermont with Hunter

One year of teaching in China and two years of Peace Corps in Malawi later, my dear friends from Semester at Sea and I finally reunited. Alexis and I flew to Burlington, Vermont within 20 hours of Garrett’s homecoming, and these are the good times we enjoyed. When I’m not at work, I don’t want [...]

Photoblog: a gray day in the Swedish village of Landsort

Kristian on Öja island in Sweden

After the Berlin trimester ended, I flew to Copenhagen to begin a wee Scandinavian tour. The best part of this week was being with friendly residents and visiting their homes. Yes, homes. Not houses, accommodations, hotels, hostels, or dorms. In both Copenhagen and Stockholm, I stayed in city homes and then visited vacation homes by [...]

This is what the last three months in Germany looked like

East Berlin storefront in Mitte, Berlin, Germany

This title isn’t entirely accurate; it should be more like “This is what the last three months in Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, and parts of Scandinavia looked like…and other cool stuff, too.” The first two terms in Ecuador and Thailand left little time for experiencing the surrounding culture. I mostly stared in a viewfinder [...]

Photoblog: Details of the hipster haven that is Berlin

East Berlin store near Rosenthaler Platz

Ten days ago, I descended into a brisk, foggy day at TXL, equipped with a new currency, my crusty old travel backpack, and a vague awareness of my new home‘s coordinates. In the time since my arrival, I’ve gotten familiar with the suburb of Kleinmachnow and explored my neighborhood on foot. Yesterday was my first [...]

This is what the last three months in Thailand looked like

Lindsay snorkeling off the Andaman islands

Just as in Ecuador, this is what I stared at every day of the Thailand term: my portable media HQ of two MacBook Pros, an iPad, an iPhone, and about 13 TB worth of storage power. I see pixels in my dreams. However, what wasn’t just like Ecuador was my workload. With the addition of [...]

This is what the last three months in Ecuador looked like

MacBook Pros, iPads, iPhones, and intense production tech

A break from being on-location isn’t a vacation; it’s when post-production begins. The gray days of Indiana don’t make me feel guilty for holing up in my room, rubbing elbows with the likes of Photoshop and Final Cut Pro. Though I got to experience some incredible sights in my three months in Ecuador, the majority [...]

I’ve been through New England in a car with no plan


My entire summer was a jig-saw puzzle to assemble. Trips, subleases, weddings, births, and work were spaced out just so, as to make every two-week chunk a mystery until it was present. All flights were booked dangerously close to the week of departure, some including feline carry-ons and 12 hour durations. On top of air [...]

Déjà vu in Ha Long Bay and a simple vacation in Luang Prabang

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

It’s been a long time since I landed in a new place and felt a strong connection. Luang Prabang was easy from the start, as we piled into a cheap bus from the airport to the most peaceful “populated” street I’ve ever witnessed. It felt like we entered the land without hassles. Especially juxtaposed with Vietnam, we were existing in a place with one face and no veneer.

Photoblog: Final Crew Meal at Mexico City’s W Hotel

Handmade Brie Cheese Baguette

Flashing back to the June Mexico trip with, I thought I’d memorialize a fantastic project-closing meal we had at the W Hotel in Mexico City. We relaxed after a hectic day of capturing on film Mexico’s complex and difficult history. It was a well-deserved and tasty spread. [All photos were taken by Vijaya Selvaraju.] [...]

Photoblog: Merida and the Yucatan


Daily wake-ups as early as 4:15am, constant encouragement to produce content (or brainstorm more concepts), keeping up with another internship, e-mails, and friendships from home – this goes far beyond a full-time job. Week three on-location has been draining, frantic, but overwhelmingly delightful. No matter how plum-tuckered-out I get during production, I still find our [...]

Photoblog: Oaxaca

Pantaleon Ruiz Martinez

I’m not too interested in describing every detail of our week in Oaxaca. Well, maybe not now. I woke up nineteen hours ago for a market walk and just spent two hours dancing and flopping on the mats at a Lucha Libre training center. Arts. Crafts. Food. Style. Passion. Nature. Oaxaca, you’ve got it going [...]

Photoblog: Xochimilco and Frida

Trajineras at Xochimilco

Man, I’m swamped with ProjectExplorer. The amount of work we have to create and cover in our short three weeks on locations is deep and vast. However, I’m still loving it and virtually recovered from my bout of hilarious food poisoning. We have moved on to Oaxaca for the second destination of three on this [...]

Consume & Update: Red Dust, Stupid, and Countdown

I’m on the road in Northern Indiana but here to offer you some great material to couple with Sunday’s newspaper and buttery toast. Another Timelapse Wonder Making you feel very, very small in this beautiful world in 65 seconds or less…

Consume & Update: Greenland, Snobs and Facebook

Hey, readers! Looking for some good reading material this Sunday morning? I’ll do the heavy lifting for you. Look below. Quite a Title The Truth About Happiness and Travel. Well, let’s here it, Christine Garvin. Reality is what we see, think, and believe. Our thoughts are what bring us happiness, and the anticipation of something good [...]

Consume & Update: Keynote, Vancouver and Your Thoughts

Man, the internet is fantastic. I love unlimited, free wireless internet and all the fruit it delivers. Check out my basket this week! Fast-Forward Vancouver Excellent Travel Writer Advice I don’t know how to introduce this piece by Jeffrey Tayler, nor can I sum it up better than by displaying the following excerpts. Basically my advice [...]

Consume & Update: Blogtoons, Stress-Free and Flying Home

I’m back! And some of you will be pleased to know that Consume & Update is also back and temporarily on steroids! This edition will be bursting at the seams due to the hundreds of articles I missed while in Fiji that I just browsed all in one intense sitting. Grab a Red Bull for [...]

Photos of the Week: Some Kids of Nakavika

Some glimpses of the kids and some snapshots of our lives in the village. Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via RSS feed or e-mail

Photos of the Week: Chicago

Visiting Chicago for me is like visiting the secret garden in the back yard I never realized was so damn cool. Here are some shots from a great trip in November that going along nicely with my Ten Great Ideas for Chicago. Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via RSS feed or e-mail

Photos of the Week: Arriving and Settling in Nakavika

Here are some snapshots from our experience thus far on The Nakavika Project. Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via RSS feed or e-mail

Photos of the Week: Tokyo and Nagano

The final stop on the first trip around the world with Semester at Sea: Japan. Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via RSS feed or e-mail

Photos of the Week: The Himalayas

A sight I would commit years, possibly decades, to seeing: the Himalayas. Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via RSS feed or e-mail

Photos of the Week: Brazil

Where did this love of trekking come from when I’ve never liked endurance sports? Why it was this trip in Brazil to Lençois that did the trick! I also post these photos in honor of my travel buddy, Garrett, for this was our first trip together (along with the gorgeous Alexis Reller). Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s [...]

Photos of the Week: Tamil Nadu

Grouping India together as a whole is somewhat of a misleading concept, as the entire country is about as diverse as the whole of Asia. Tamil Nadu was the first state I entered in India, and boy did it shock and awe! Homestays, rickshaws, train rides and rural villages – these were my first glimpses [...]

Photos of the Week: China

In honor of my dear friend and travel buddy, who is currently teaching English over there, here are this week’s travel photographs of the future world dominator, China! Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via RSS feed or e-mail

Photos of the Week: Uganda

In the spirit of my debut, I thought I’d published a few photos from my adventures in Uganda from August 2008. Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via RSS feed or e-mail

Photos of the Week: Mexico

Last week, I cruised the length of Baja California and walked on Mexican soil for less than 15 hours altogether. Clearly, a cruise is not about the port destinations but the pampered journey in between. But my pupu platter of Mexico fulfilled a desire to affirm my ideas of the country and become determined to [...]

Photos of the Week: Italy

Oh, my sweet boot. I long for your gorgeous culture and inspired surroundings. If you’d like to read my blogs from Italy, you’re my new friend. Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via RSS feed or e-mail

Consume & Update: Poetry, China and Band-aids

What a smorgasbord! There is great material across the travel community this week, and here are some of the highlights. Poetry in Motion This looks like a truly lovely opportunity: Imagine being given one year to travel outside North America. That’s exactly the situation I’m now in after being chosen as the 2010 Amy Lowell [...]

Photos of the Week: The Fijian Highlands

I know, for most people, Fiji calls to mind some good old fashioned hedonism and self-indulgence. Sounds like a great time. Some day I’ll know that side of the island experience, but I’m darn sure I loved seeing the other side, the village life of the Highlands…where Fiji distinguishes itself from the average island’0′resorts. Subscribe [...]

Photos of the Week: Srinagar, Kashmir

For a few days, I stayed in a houseboat on Nageen Lake in Srinagar, Kashmir (October 2008). My arrival coincided with the end of Ramadan and, therefore, the end of the ceasefire between India and Pakistan. Read my blogs from Srinagar to get a sense of fear/comfort I experienced at this odd and tense time. [...]

Photos of the Week: Angkor Temples in Siem Reap, Cambodia

The moss and the orange. It’s glorious. The Angkor temples are ancient and were erected by elephants hundreds of years ago. And Angkor Wat has an awe factor that screams “virtuosity”. Also enjoy some blogs from my time in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via e-mail or RSS feed

Photos of the Week: Zambia

Canoe Safari with Elephant

There are African safaris. And there are African canoe safaris. When I think about the concept “fight or flight”, immediately what comes to mind is this canoe safari along the Zambezi, where I realized how I respond to moments of possible termination: the deer-in-headlights freeze. These photographs can hint at how close we came to [...]

Photos of the Week: Ireland

Cliffs of Moher

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Photos of the Week: Greece

Cat in Lefkes

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Cape Town and Garden Route Photos

South Africa is gorgeous through the eye and the lens. Read my blogs on South Africa for a little more detail. Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts.

Sometimes while on the road…you miss out

Picture 10

Spiders with glowing orange backs crawling inches from my nose, building forts across the rock ledge where I sprawled to overlook a 30-foot waterfall. A canopy of greens I’d never see at home shading from a sun that could surely turn me crispy. One rock thrown over the edge to crash dramatically on the mammoth [...]

Love for the IMA in Cambodia

I found this photo of the Cambodia’s Hope kids on Facebook and saw one of the boys was wearing my t-shirt. Thrilling. Cambodian children just love Indianapolis’ art scene! Go IMA! Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts.

I’m a Consumer again!

It’s been so long since I got my fill of travel-related news and connected with those fellow travel bloggers I envy and respect ever-so. Here are the things I discovered today that got me all giddy and obsessed. Intelligent Travel Blog: This photo dropped my jaw. I saw one of these guys…but from about two football [...]

Animals All Up in your Computer Screen

Just because I like to show off nature…and if you’d like to read about East Africa, don’t even think about hesitating! Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts.

India Travel Photographs Galore

Keeping Royal Ladies Covered since...a long time ago

See the true beauties from India. Also check out my blogs on India for some insightful musings. Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via RSS feed or e-mail