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Golf cart cruising like a country club boss

boca loca cover

While in Miami on official TGS business, I joined my friend Nick on a road trip to visit his grandmother in Boca Raton. We felt like doing something adventurous on our weekend off, and when a spontaneous trip to Cuba didn’t pan out (due to their visa restrictions, not ours), I decided to tag along for his mini-family reunion. The point of the trip wasn’t to craft a story or film anything; we were there to visit a lovely woman and enjoy some peace and quiet pre-Costa Rica. However, when we embarked on an exploration of the neighborhood in a retro golf cart, the inspiration flowed.

Mementos from a beautiful chapter in the Pacific Islands

Green and blue beautiful landscape of New Zealand and Coromandel

One of my favorite weekends involved a road trip to the Coromandel to celebrate Nick’s birthday at the newly-purchased home of Andrew McLean. We had a complete blast making music with melodeons and djembes, rebuilding bonfires on the beach, and eating crazy amounts of barbecued meats and veggies. I have never witnessed such a unified affinity for nature by a country. Through the channel of our local contact, it felt like we got a taste of this focus on the outdoors and the joys of sharing it with friends. I endeavor to adopt a little of this and take it with me wherever I go next.

Attending my first opening night via the interwebs

First photography exhibition in Wabash, Indiana attending via Skype, virtually, Honeywell Center

Thought it wasn’t my first choice to attend virtually, it was my only realistic option, as I was deeply embedded in school on May 1st, the day of the event. But this was a big moment for me, a first exhibition for an art major and with deep significance in location at that. I wanted to be able to absorb these factors viscerally and emerge from the experience enriched and with the sense that I had exhibited work always meant for others’ eyes.

Spring Break: the tropical one where I kept saying “What are the chances?”

Golf cart in St. Thomas, Water Island, USVI, USA, travel, on the road

I booked my ticket to St. Thomas a week prior to going, and one hour after I confirmed my flight, my friend from high school posted a photo of his current view from the same island. This friend, Merlin (the one person I always feel most likely to run into around the world), was in […]

At the MIT Media Lab doing some learning on our slow American internet

Susan Crawford at MIT Media Lab Conversation Series, Boston

My “Spring Break 2013″ does not yet resemble Harmony Korine’s visions of debauchery, but I’ve been enjoying this week, one unlike the usual work week. I decided that during this two-week break from school, I would relax in Boston and then use the second week to get closer to the sun. During this Boston-based break […]

A hauntingly beautiful snowstorm blows over Boston Common

Snowstorm Nemo over Boston's State House

On Friday evening, I was captivated by the oncoming snowstorm called Nemo that blanketed the city of Boston. From a perch overlooking the State House and the Boston Common, I could watch the sky darken and the air become increasingly opaque. Every 15 minutes, I captured a few seconds of the unfolding scene, ultimately mashing […]

Have you heard about this global school of mine?

Lindsay photographing at a rugby championship, Joann McPike

I like telling stories around the world: in written form, through snazzy visuals, and from both experiential and academic perspectives. I would do this of my own volition (ahem, Nomadderwhere), but thankfully my job allows me to do this for pay every day. From time to time though, I also make marketing videos to give more context of this visionary establishment that houses such endeavors. Here are the latest ones of note.

Uruguay: a new country experience with a vintage video feel

Colonia, Uruguay lighthouse

Here’s hoping border crossings are all fresh. Visiting Uruguay a few weekends ago reminded me how lucky I have been to see different countries. I wanted to reflect my appreciation for a new place with a new video technique: light leaks.

Adios, America. It’s time for new places and fresh air.

TGS Year 2 map of Buenos Aires, Bhutan, and Boston

It’s time to navigate away from Indiana again. The school year is starting, and I’m about to move to a country I’ve never visited. Come Tuesday, I will have some new students, new co-workers, a new home with someone else’s furniture, and a new culture to study…thankfully in a language I’m already comfortable with. Last […]

When Wabash takes to the riverbanks, nature sighs with relief

Clean Out The Banks! Wabash group photo

I spent my childhood in Wabash (and took innumerable visits in the last twelve years), and this was one of my top ten favorite mornings in my hometown. Maybe it had something to do with flying above the trees with the wind in my hair. Remember, I’m a converted adrenaline junkie…when the wind is just […]

My global kids romp through four countries in five days

Salzburg, Austria

Some of my students called it “the best five days of their lives.” That kind of statement carries a good load coming from kids who visited the Galápagos, the Amazon rainforest, and the Bavarian Alps this year alone.

What creating art in a world art capital looks like

Lindsay in Berlin

The last three months of living in Berlin have been culture-filled indeed. One of our guest speakers this term expressed his belief that if Paris, London, NYC, and other global cities had their heydays in past decades, Berlin is having hers right now. While it’s harder to find a contributor to culture living in New […]

What our experiences in Berlin look like thus far

The view from my bike in Berlin, Germany

Though I’m not processing my own experiences in video form as of lately (due to lack of time), I’m really please with what I’ve been able to crank out in Berlin. There are moments when what I’ve documented for work has impacted me, mostly at Wannsee Haus where the Final Solution was created. In this […]

Emilio Estevez inspires us all to pilgrimage through Spain

The Way (2011) film

I first heard about the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in an art history course called The Medieval City. Dr. Diane Reilly made it sound rockin’ – an historic route through France, the Pyrenees, and Spain that devout Catholics took to reach one of three cathedrals with the remains of an apostle, in this case […]

Coastline and culture in New England


I’ve decided that, these days, if I can produce a blog post a month, I’m a lucky gal. Lucky to find breaths between beloved jobs to do similar work of my own volition. Lucky to be able to reflect on experiences and milk what value can be gathered. I doubt the cafe I edited in […]

Investigating the art and evolution of the film title

The Art of the Title

I’ve managed to compile myriad jobs and hobbies that complement each other, one absorbing skills to improve the other, making me feel like I’m ascending Penrose steps. I spent the day researching ways to improve filmmaking skills that don’t include paying for or attending film school, a theme I’m covering for Matador. While doing so, […]

A weekend in Boston

Blue Hills in Boston, swimming with friends

I took a vacation for myself, and it was evidence enough that the casual weekend away should be more of a priority. It was close by, surprisingly economical, and equivalent to a routine enema – a metaphorical flushing of habitual activity, not your bi-weekly bowl of Colon Blow. Here’s a vignette of my weekend with […]

Why do you like time lapse videos?

Shooting nature. Photo by Erika Luetzow, 2007

If you get a little tired of waiting for my posts on Nomadderwhere – which I admit have become incredibly random and sparse – I’ll give you a little supplementary material. Recently, I wrote a feature for the Matador Network entitled ‘Why the obsession with time lapse video?‘ Have you ever wondered this yourself? What’s […]

Indy to NYC: Flying with Felines

Alli on sedatives

This is a two-pronged post – conceptual and practical – so before you hate on cats, read the first half and reap the benefits. This week officially marked my sixth month living in New York City. Spending $100+ on shipping boxes was a cost I happily incurred, in the moment and in hindsight. Transporting little […]

What a New Year Means to a Traveler

Lindsay on New Year's Eve at Uprising in Fiji, sitting beside the ocean

Do you know where we were a year ago today? This is a game my family plays. Actually, this is just a common sentence equation my parents throw around, about which my brother and I like to joke. Whether we recall where we were last month or dream of our future location a week away, […]

Video of the Week: Dune Bashing in Dubai

The dunes surrounding Dubai

There are still many videos from the World Traveler Internship I haven’t featured in this weekly series. Dubai is no longer one of them. Don’t forget to dune bash on your next journey to the Middle East. You can also watch this video on YouTube. Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via RSS feed or e-mail

The Mucho México Launch

A girl named Frida Selvaraju

Monday, the 27th, we celebrated the launch of the Mucho Mexico series for Our event at La Palapa in the East Village was vibrant and packed, with phenomenal food and a great ambiance. I’m so proud of the work we created from this experience. Can’t wait to showcase another amazing country to the education […]

Video of the Week: The Oz Experience

Oz cowboy

Surprisingly, I have yet to feature some of my World Traveler Intern videos as videos of the week! Wouldn’t dare deprive you of these joys. You can always watch this video on YouTube. [I’m still on vacation and cranking out work for’s Mexico launch; hence, the lack of new material. However, I do have […]

Q&A: Travel video soundtracks & ethics


Q&A is a series on Nomadderwhere that uses questions posed by readers and commentators to address topics of travel, alternative lifestyle design, blogging, and other interests. You can expect to see this series one or two Saturdays a month right here on To send in your questions, contact me! [The following dialogue occurred on […]

Video of the Week: A Midwestern Summer Celebration

Mini-Stink face Olivia

There’s no beating around the bush with this one. I’m bending the vehicle of my travel site to include things I create unrelated to my travel life. Of course, I’ve been doing that all summer, but if you’re not from Indianapolis, you may find this peak into my family’s backyard celebration to be revealing of […]

Video of the Week: The Challenge Edition (Webcam)

Flying to New York City

Traveling creates a lifestyle of constant challenges, which then facilitate self-discovery and, in turn, happiness. This week, I report from my post alone in northern Indiana to ask you: how would you challenge yourself with a home experiment that would simulate the effects of travel? Notes from this week’s Video of the Week: I continue […]

Video of the Week: Seclusion Musings (Webcam)

My Wabash abode

After one successful week of relative seclusion in northern Indiana, I’ve got some thoughts to share – musings, if you will. Your feedback is strongly encouraged.

Video of the Week: Summer Seclusion Project (Webcam)

Flying to New York City

Haven’t seen one of these in a while, huh? A video of the week or a webcam special. I finally got my act together! Enjoy. Notes from this week’s video: is in post-production stateside after a fantastic filming session in Mexico. I’m moving out of my parent’s house for a month for some seclusion […]

A Treat for the Eyes and the Mind

Screen shot 2010-10-10 at 1.37.11 PM

I did it. I missed a day! June 20th, 2010 went by without a smidgeon of a visual. To those of you who missed seeing a Photo of the Day yesterday. I apologize. To make up for it (as well as today’s missing pic), here’s a little morsel of goodness to suckle on.

The Frida Transformation

Frida is a bookworm

It’s safe to say I’m really pleased with myself and the completion of my first cut segment for ProjectExplorer. Sure, I’ve been editing quick trips and question videos, writing blog posts, and researching the Mexico series. And since last summer, I’ve been exclusively using iMovie09, churning out some self-proclaimed impressive content. However, last night I […]

Quick Trips from Mexico City

Jazmine with Puppets in Xochimilco

My video development has been solely focused on ProjectExplorer material. Here are some quick trips I’ve been editing or filming thus far. Jazmine talks about her molcajete, which is a traditional soup-like meal in a volcanic dish. We had a little fun in a market at Xochimilco. Jazmine really likes puppets. While dining at the […]

Video of the Week: Preparing for Mexico (Webcam)

Hanging in NYC

I finally dipped into the world of webcam, vlog-style videos, for both the sake of practicality/timing and in order to stay current with my website postings. As I embark on this trip to Mexico with ProjectExplorer, I am telling myself, “Stay current and create dynamic content with timing.” Also, I wanted to thank the awesome […]

Video of the Week: The World Traveler Intern-view

The 2010 World Traveler Interns

Along with my congratulations, I sent the fresh new World Traveler Interns a request for an interview before they took off around the world this summer. I wasn’t sure what angle I wanted to take it in, nor what kind of humor it would exhibit, but what came out was simply hilarious. I sent questions […]

The Flow of a Fijian Funeral: Day 52

The spot where Elias last stood

It didn’t matter how many times people clarified the schedule for the funeral arrangements, they never began at the designated time. It wasn’t about timing, though. It was about flow. Only when one group assembled could they continue with the next event, and with weather that echoed the widow’s eyes, every moment was contingent on […]

Video(s) of the Week: Self-Teaching New Skills

Editing a video

I’ll admit this off the bat: this week’s video post is all over the place. Yes, it’s dedicated to the betterment of the self-taught skills, just like last week’s. Yes, it covers material from last year, this year, and calls for agency in yourselves! And yes, there are three videos this week. Just roll with […]

Feet Don’t Fail Me Now: Day 43

Garrett hanging by our view

This post was written by Garrett Russell. We rely on our bodies to work. That’s a no-brainer. Traveling on a budget often involves staying in a hostel, taking public transportation, and very commonly using your appendages to get from place to place. I have walked all over this planet, and I expect my body to […]

Video of the Week: Reviewing a Road Trip to Des Moines

Screen shot 2010-10-10 at 2.02.22 PM

This week’s video post is dedicated to the betterment of the self-taught skills. Recently, I answered a question on how to best groom yourself for the World Traveler Internship, and since a huge part of the job is video editing, I thought it wise to encourage an exercise that will only improve our skills in […]

Video of the Week: Nakavika Project Outtakes

Fiji Outtakes

Garrett and I met while traveling, which is why we share that close vaga-bond that provides plenty of laughs. Check out some of the outtakes from our 2.5 months in the South Pacific. Note on Nomadderwhere’s May Schedule: Now that you know my big news for June, I’ve got some catching up to do with […]

Q&A: Grooming for the World Traveler Internship

World Traveler Internship

Q&A is a new series on Nomadderwhere that uses questions posed by readers and commentators to address topics of travel, alternative lifestyle design, blogging, and other interests. You can expect this series one or two Saturdays a month right here on To send in your questions, contact me or send me a link to your […]

Video of the Week: Where Fiji Meets Ocean

On a boat in the ocean around Fiji

The final Fiji experience: a week crisping the skin and exfoliating the feet on Waya Island in the Yasawa chain. Since Garrett had to head home early, I went on my own to relax, do a little Fijian research, and eventually find the best meal I had in three months – at a hostel in […]

Video of the Week: Leaving the Village

Misty Village

Remembering our last two days in Fiji together as we left Nakavika and The Nakavika Project – gathering supplies in Suva and spending our last hours together. Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via RSS feed or e-mail

Climbing Mountains for Funerals: Day 21

Photo by Jackie Knowles

Regardless of our desires to infuse routine into our Fijian lifes, the days always promised to be unpredictable. Waking up in the morning, I could lie in bed, staring at the illuminated ceiling and think: Today, I could eat something crazy, go some where amazing, end up crying, hurt myself, receive a phone call, get […]

Video of the Week: Fiji Water

Swimming in water in Fiji

When I think of Fiji water, I don’t think of rectangular bottles with untouched, artisan liquid inside. I think of the teal waters draped with vines and littered with bamboo shoots weaving through the interior of Viti Levu. We always found new ways to appreciate the water, and playing on this vine swing and wading in the hot springs were no exceptions.

Video of the Week: A Fijian School Morning

Brushing teeth in morning in Nakavika

One of our last mornings in the village, we awoke early to join the kids at school, helping them brush their teeth and watching their military-esque line-up and discipline hour. Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via RSS feed or e-mail

Video of the Week: One Year at Nomadderwhere

Nomadderwhere Turns One!

Today is my 1,168th daily anniversary of travel blogging, but is but an infant still. Since I bought my own domain exactly one year ago, I’ve evolved my site extensively, far beyond what I was capable of from the get-go. I’m proud today to display my year’s progress and hopefully inspire you to achieve […]

Breaking Up 2009: Day 17

Screen shot 2010-10-10 at 2.57.08 PM

Traditional Fiji is all about formalities, paperwork, and figurative curtseys. Sitting next to the Turaga ni Koro (village spokesman) one rainy afternoon, he invited us to come to the youth break-up party on Friday evening. The official invite came one hour later in the hands of one of his children. On a sheet of college-ruled […]

Video of the Week: A Lazy Day on the Farm

Garrett doing karate at the farm in Nakavika

We’re a productive crew. Give us something to plant on the farm, or we’ll create our own activities… Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via RSS feed or e-mail

Consume & Update: Red Dust, Stupid, and Countdown

I’m on the road in Northern Indiana but here to offer you some great material to couple with Sunday’s newspaper and buttery toast. Another Timelapse Wonder Making you feel very, very small in this beautiful world in 65 seconds or less…

Video of the Week: Our Favorite Fijian Pastime

Swimming in the water in Fiji

Something Garrett and I took full advantage of was the easy access to an incredible swimming spot, fit with rock jumps, mini-rapids, sand bars, bamboo for building “bilibilis” (or bamboo rafts), and tons of kids always wanting to join the fun. This spot in the Luva River is called Nabukalau, or black water, after a […]

Consume & Update: Stuff, Tsunamis, and 15 Days

I found some good reads this week! Take your laptop outside, enjoy the warming breeze, and read on, my friends, read on. Writing Wherever I seek location independence. I would love to be able to write and create multi-media work without a permanent anchor to my geography. Therefore, I look to those with the exact […]