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Q&A: teaching digital storytelling – live chat!

Matthew Straub

Semester at Sea impacts my day yet again :) Matthew Straub and I were on the S’07 voyage together, and a few years later, we discussed participation in The Nakavika Project after I returned from Fiji. I think having the common bond of SAS-hood inspires people to stay connected and communicative with other global and passionate people. Since chatting about potential collaboration on TNP, we’ve been in touch about ideas and our work.

Northeast Japan still hurts from the 3/11 disaster…and you knowing that actually helps

Rikuzentakata construction, Japan

The more wonderful people and places I encounter, the more difficult choosing causes becomes for me, and I can understand that you might as well find difficulty in extending much of yourself to this cause with so many other things begging for your support. That’s why I hope it feels entirely doable to you to simply follow them on Facebook and begin your engagement there. A message, a photo, or a “like” could be just the encouragement they needed for the next step.

Q&A: traveling after graduation – live chat!

Live chat with Natalia

Send in your questions, too! Hi Lindsay, I just wanted to drop you a line and say hello! We had chatted a bit before, but I just wanted to let you know that I admire your love for travel and your pursuit of that passion. I will be graduating from undergrad at Columbia in a […]

Q&A: how to document experiences remotely

Filming at TGS, behind the camera

One thing I am hoping to do is be able to create some great videos like these you’ve made for THINK. It’s hard because I have few opportunities to capture raw footage myself – only when a program happens to be somewhere nearby like D.C., but I want to get practicing! What kind of programs and equipment do you use? ANY tips you could offer would be so great. I know you’ve spent thousands of hours perfecting your craft just in the area of filmmaking – like I said, I have watched and read about your growth! I also know you are crazy busy, but I’d greatly appreciate any insights or lessons learned you have.

Ten things my Instagram feed says about my February

Friendly Toast, huevos rancheros, Boston

1. I was able to seize a great opportunity to hear Al Gore speak (fo’ free!) at Harvard University. Always love a chance to hear troubling data about the planet in a Southern accent. That experience turned out to be the start of many great speakers in February, including two BBC World journalists, the exiled […]

What I would happily quote from Anthony Bourdain’s Medium Raw

Anthony Bourdain's Medium Raw stylized book cover

I became seduced by the world–and the freedom that television had given me–to travel it as I wished. I was also drunk on a new and exciting power to manipulate images and sound in order to tell stories, to make audiences feel about places I’d been the way I wanted them to feel.

Q&A: going solo on Semester at Sea and other Q’s

Lindsay in a porthole

Send in your questions, too! First of all, I want to start out by saying this is awesome you have set this up. I want to do Semester at Sea, but I just don’t know much about it to sign up quite yet! Here are some my questions: Summer or spring? Is 100 days too […]

Jobs for world travelers: make films for flight money

Skyscanner Travel Reporter Competition

I know many of you amongst the Nomadderwhere readership jumped on board after seeing the World Traveler Internship. Even many years after my WTI, I still receive messages from people in search of such great opportunities in the travel world or wondering how to snag such jobs that require some online savvy and marketing know-how. […]

Consume & Update: 1952, Berlin Tetris, and Bavaria-bound

Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 10.52.42 PM

I’ve been talking to a co-worker a lot lately about her balance of consuming and creating, and it reminded me of my old balance between absorbing what the industry is putting out and telling the industry what I’m adding to the mix. After almost two years, here’s the latest Consume & Update! Great use of […]

Investigating the art and evolution of the film title

The Art of the Title

I’ve managed to compile myriad jobs and hobbies that complement each other, one absorbing skills to improve the other, making me feel like I’m ascending Penrose steps. I spent the day researching ways to improve filmmaking skills that don’t include paying for or attending film school, a theme I’m covering for Matador. While doing so, […]

Nomadderwhere on the Black Informant Podcast

Black Informant Podcast

I’m such a sorry case for a writer that I’m actually stalling the publication of a post on how I haven’t written anything in a while! 2011 for Nomadderwhere is a Catch 22 kind of year. If that’s not clear, then stick around for the explanation coming whenever I get my act together. In the […]

Piecing Together an Understanding of Haiti Today

Photo courtesy of Living Water International;

This weekend came and went, and I never left my couch. My camera bag – meticulously packed for three hectic days across three cities – lies useless on the bedroom floor; memory cards untouched and road snacks un-nibbled. For the second time in a row, our assignment in Haiti has been postponed due to civil unrest […]

Mentally Preparing for Haiti on the Earthquake Anniversary

U.S. Helicopter Lands Beside Haiti's Crumbling Presidential Palace

With every assignment, my job is gaining more meaning and thrill, becoming increasing moving and educative. From researching Frida Kahlo to cutting videos on Nelson Mandela, I’ve been diving further into pivotal, global issues. And though – technically – our upcoming trip to Haiti is a freelance assignment to document a medical non-profit, I’m going […]

Andrew Zimmern and the Transformative Power of Travel

Andrew Zimmern and Lindsay Clark

I’ve been a big time fan of Big Tony B. since the No Reservations series began in 2005. His approach to travel television and subjective, experiential authenticity abroad felt so relevant amidst a sea of market-y documentation. His conceptual thread continues to be pretty darn obvious, which makes it easy to instantly jump on the […]

Q&A: The truth about Semester at Sea

Alexis Reller on Great Wall of China during Semester at Sea, thinking

Send in your questions, too! Hi Lindsay, I have just been accepted by SAS for the Spring 2011 voyage, and I randomly chanced upon your website. I am currently having a hard time trying to decide between a Semester at Sea program and a study abroad program in Berlin. I know they sound very different, but I […]

Interview a traveler: the trailblazing travel bug, part 2

Sierra thinking Greece

A self-starting, world traveling, commercial fishing, supremely athletic, go-getter. That’s a whole lot of epithets. For those of you who haven’t yet read up on Sierra, be sure to check out Part 1 of this series before reading on to learn more about her new project in Alaska! Sierra Anderson and I have only met […]

Interview a traveler: the trailblazing travel bug, part 1

Sierra Skiing

She self-created her own World Traveler Internship. She knows the ins and outs of commercial fishing. She’s a star athlete with an extreme passion for satiating her wanderlust. Let’s check her out. Sierra Anderson and I have only met through google chats and phone conversations, but being on such similar paths led us to becoming […]

Reviewing Bill Bryson’s The Lost Continent


Since my month of relative seclusion in northern Indiana this July, I’ve been intrigued by literature on the fly-over areas, the seemingly barren of notable culture, destinations untouched by most self-proclaimed travelers. Why on earth are there so few quality novels on small-town America? There are no tribal dances, very few original musical styles, a […]

Q&A: Traveling with technology

Editing a video

To send in your question for a Q&A post, contact me! Eric asks a couple questions about traveling with technology… Should I take my MacBook to Europe? Should I invest in a NetBook instead? How do you keep your computer safe?

Jobs for world travelers: TV host in paradise

I know many of you amongst the Nomadderwhere readership jumped on board after seeing the World Traveler Internship. A year after my WTI, I still receive messages from people in search of such great opportunities in the travel world or wondering how to snag such jobs that require some online savvy and marketing know-how. Therefore, […]

The Mucho México Launch

A girl named Frida Selvaraju

Monday, the 27th, we celebrated the launch of the Mucho Mexico series for Our event at La Palapa in the East Village was vibrant and packed, with phenomenal food and a great ambiance. I’m so proud of the work we created from this experience. Can’t wait to showcase another amazing country to the education […]

A Flattering Interview with PolyRepublic

Beti from PolyRepublic launched her new website this week, and I’m thrilled to be one of her first profiles. Poly Republic’s mission statement is to celebrate women who are daring enough to try to change the world or carve out a place for themselves in it. Check out the full profile by clicking the image […]

Che and Jack Agree. It’s All About Movement.

Open book; don't judge

I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move. -Robert Louis Stevenson In the last two years, I read two books I found interesting (though not astounding) by two men with fetishes for movement. I found their stories ones I would only enjoy vicariously, […]

Q&A: Travel video soundtracks & ethics


Q&A is a series on Nomadderwhere that uses questions posed by readers and commentators to address topics of travel, alternative lifestyle design, blogging, and other interests. You can expect to see this series one or two Saturdays a month right here on To send in your questions, contact me! [The following dialogue occurred on […]

Travel Pals, China, and the Quarterlife Crisis

Alexis Tendering

A tsunami smacked me on the head last Tuesday, energy and activity in one exhausting wave, rendering me not quite unconscious but with twitching eyes and a crumbling mental capacity. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. Since the dawn of this website, I’ve known a radiant being of 6’1″ stature and a […]

Consume & Update: Opportunities for you!

$10,000 and a trip to Bhutan. I’m so generous this week. Getting Paid to Talk to Bourdain I don’t consider myself a foodie, but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the question Tony Bourdain posed to his fellow food-lovers. What does it mean to cook well? Coming from a sustenance culinary tradition, I’m not […]

Reviewing Dean Cycon’s Javatrekker


As much as I like to believe I’m aware of the world’s atrocities and doing my part to make things better, I know I’m very much a negative factor in many world struggles that I’m both conscious of and oblivious to. I suppose my hourly efforts go out to world education, but being interested in […]

The Art of Reinvention, Anonymity, and Self-Discovery in Travel

Classy Wabash Friends

My mind finally smells summer. I’ve been away from Indiana for the past two summers and away from Wabash during the summertime since I moved away ten years ago. Having spent the majority of my childhood outside, I’ve been unknowingly pining for the familiar olfactory triggers, which I still can’t define well: aromatic greens of […]

As You Like (To See) It, A Traveler’s Melancholy

As You Like It

Though relatively young, and therefore jovial, and the product of a content childhood packed with humor, I’ve grown into someone that is constantly asked: Are you unhappy? Bawling at the table in my Italian family’s home, seeming a mystery to the black and white of intercontinental correspondence, being irrationally testy at home, where the bubble […]

Consume & Update: Balance, Success, and Last Week

Photo on 2010-07-18 at 16.20

Today’s documentation of the travel and blogging world is a little slim but can plunge you into a lotta deep thought. The Four Burners and Success Who really has a balanced life? I’d like to think that overall the way I conduct myself on a year-long basis levels out between travel and home, physicality and […]

Q&A: Easing parental worries about travel


Q&A is a series that uses questions posed by readers and commentators to address topics of travel, alternative lifestyle design, blogging, and other interests. You can expect to see this series one or two Saturdays a month right here on To send in your questions, contact me! This summer I was planning on doing […]

Jobs for World Travelers: A Life at Sea

Mom at sea

This post was written on my October 2009 cruise of the Mexican Riviera. Lying on my stomach, covered in towels, face pushed through a terry cloth doughnut, I asked the woman rubbing hot stones on my calves what it’s like to work on a cruise ship. After swapping stories from the high seas and travels […]

Consume & Update: Museum Roommate and Deep Thoughts

Month at the Museum

This week’s outreach into the world of travel may pack a wallop for some of you eager to do something amazing. $10,000 to be a Museum Live-in Live in the Museum of Science and Industry for one month, learn something, write about it, and receive $10,000 for your efforts. This is not a shabby gig. […]

Consume & Update: The Go! Edition


I just felt like churning the butter for a couple awesome things this week. Go, China, Go, China, Go! Don’t speak. Don’t think. Don’t even type. Direct your attention below.

Reviewing David Lida’s First Stop in the New World


I’m a lover of travel narratives, which is why my first impression of this book, come three or four chapters deep, wasn’t yet rave-ish. David didn’t write a travel narrative taking place in the hypermetropolis of Mexico City/Federal District (D.F.); he did something better than that. Working off twenty years of experience as an expat in […]

Consume & Update: Fear, Soccer, and Post-Production

Back Home Again

Back from Mexico and once again with enough time to consume the best travel gummies on the net this week. Sorry my schedule is all higgilty piggilty. Chew away. Guillebeau Talking for TED If you’re a fan of Chris and his charisma, check out renowned non-conformist’s TED talk from Carnegie Melon University. He discusses fear […]

Q&A: Picking up and traveling for good

Traveling and Going Home

Q&A is a new series on Nomadderwhere that uses questions posed by readers and commentators to address topics of travel, alternative lifestyle design, blogging, and other interests. You can expect to see this series one or two Saturdays a month right here on To send in your questions, contact me! Hello, I would love […]

Consume & Update: Why Blog, Low Points, and NYC

World's Most Touristy Places

I’m in New York City! Depending on our work load in Mexico, this may be the last normal Consume & Update for a while. Enjoy it while you can! Why The Low Points Matter Once again, great work, Chris, in addressing an idea regarding a “perfect” trip with the necessary and realistic angle. He noted […]

Six Months Later: The Status of the Nakavika Project

The Letter from the Turaga ni Koro

I managed to do it. After six months of experiencing, scribing, and mulling over the occurrences of my winter in Fiji, I have finally documented in true form the adventures we had in that dreamlike state of displacement. Post-vacation in the Yasawas, I took my final shower, had my final (and best) meal, and flew […]

Interview two travelers: the 2010 World Traveling Interns

The New World Traveler Interns

They braved months of an extensive application process. They beat out thousands of fellow travelers and competitors to hold the coveted title of World Traveler Intern. They’ve never met. Let’s check them out. It’s no mystery why I’m intrigued by these two travelers. And especially since they’ll be taking off tomorrow, all the more perfect […]

Video of the Week: The World Traveler Intern-view

The 2010 World Traveler Interns

Along with my congratulations, I sent the fresh new World Traveler Interns a request for an interview before they took off around the world this summer. I wasn’t sure what angle I wanted to take it in, nor what kind of humor it would exhibit, but what came out was simply hilarious. I sent questions […]

Consume & Update: Lovable Haters, Epiphanies, and Vimeo

05-23 Snapshot

I’m at my Grandpa’s 90th birthday today. It’s a good day. Now let’s learn about what’s new in the travel and blog worlds. Learning to Love the Digital Haters I don’t think I’m evolved enough to truly love those that go after my passionate pursuits, but Tim Ferriss makes some solid points on reactions, time […]

Consume & Update: Free Calls, Valuable Time, and Space Capone

5-14 Blog

You learn something new every day. Well today’s post is going to help you make up for last night’s nonsense fest…whatever it is that you did… What’s Your Travel Personality? Thought it would be fun to poll you, the readers, to see what kind of travel personalities find themselves on Nomadderwhere! Brave New Traveler published […]

Consume & Update on a Saturday?!

Normally I publish my community outreach on Sundays, but as tomorrow is a holiday, I thought I would switch it up a bit…just this week. That “Rascal,” Kim Jong Il, and His Antics Far from simply a rascal, North Korea’s dictator is one paranoid character, with due cause, and has recently been noted for traveling […]

Consume & Update: 101, Maroon, and Onslaught

Today’s post came out a bit late, but that is due to the high quality of work I found this week. I also have lots to share… How’s The List Coming? Do you have a bucket or life list running? Are most of your goals doable, or are they unattainable? Don’t you wish you had […]

Q&A: Grooming for the World Traveler Internship

World Traveler Internship

Q&A is a new series on Nomadderwhere that uses questions posed by readers and commentators to address topics of travel, alternative lifestyle design, blogging, and other interests. You can expect this series one or two Saturdays a month right here on To send in your questions, contact me or send me a link to your […]

Consume & Update: Tony, Mallory, and My Glory Days

Screen shot 2010-10-10 at 2.07.54 PM

I’m at my alma mater right now, enjoying a late breakfast with good friends. Where are you right now, sitting there with your eyes peeled to this great new content below? Well, wherever you are, enjoy. Advice for Going Somewhere Different As I continue to plow through my memories from Fiji and recount the tales, […]

Reviewing J. Maarten Troost’s Getting Stoned with Savages

Screen shot 2010-10-10 at 2.08.34 PM

These days I have an unwavering compulsion to read every strong travel narrative under the sun about the destination I’m next approaching. Sadly, since I’m not always heading to Paris or New York, I often only have one choice in novel, and Fiji was no exception. The only book that reached my awareness and my […]

Consume & Update: The Visual Edition

Prepare yourself for a very visual-centric post today. Perfect if you went to a horse race yesterday and are a wee bit feeble this morning. Gastropalooza: Indian Style An eclectic video on Indian street food that will either make you hungry, want to go to India, have a headache, or think a musical pig is […]

Consume & Update: Women Travelers, Thai Protestors, and April

Nomadderwhere on MatadorTV

This is the third time I’ve written this post. Maybe I should draft these in notepad first…oh well, here’s this week’s reading material! What All Women Travelers Should Know I often forget the rare instances when I’m harassed or blatantly violated because I am a woman while traveling, because it’s never the intention of a […]