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Greece is up next!

Greece, vintage travel poster

My hands smell of (free) salt and vinegar chips as I type away from within the Atlanta airport lounge. I am en route to Athens for the next three months, and I’m happy that my anxiety has finally converted itself into pure excitement.

Acting upon the voiced needs of Nakavika

Vilive and Samu on the iPad, Nakavika, Fiji

Most of us start off isolated. Then we discover the thrills of adventure. We get slapped in the face by the lessons of exposure, and that leads to a rapid rethinking of everything our brains had already mapped. We like to think at this point that we evolve from a tourist to a traveler. There […]

I booked a ticket to step back into a dream. I’m Nakavika-bound.

First glimpse of Fiji

I’ve been living in Auckland, New Zealand for the past two months, continuing my work with THINK Global School. New developments at work have incorporated leisure time for employees to travel within the school term. I haven’t had the opportunity to visit since February 2010, but thanks to the proximity, cost, and flexibility with work, that return to Nakavika is finally possible.

Pretending to be a senior and prepping for a new phase of travel

Photo by Breanna Reynolds

Just like my seniors, I feel it essential to start looking back at my time here, to gather my thoughts and understand the shift in my world view. I think I’ve grown exponentially here, not just through learning how to teach and communicate but learning how to think from the students and staff that make this a priority.

Let’s take a second and think about… wax.

Wax - from Word

The most recent Word session was brought to us by the word “wax,” an option possibly inspired by the candle that sat close to the pieces of paper. This was what I came up with in that available hour.

A patchwork quilt of my days in Japan

Instagram Hiroshima mosaic copy

For the last two years, I’ve used these little collages as a way to quickly chronicle a chapter of my work life. While this says “Hiro” (a.k.a Hiroshima) and some of the images are from elsewhere in Japan, this represents some of my favorite moments this term, the ones I continue to savor even months later.

My first step into the world of feature-length documentaries

Why weXplore? exporting, filmmaking

In January 2013, I traveled to Bhutan with 30 international students, only to come home with mass amounts of footage that couldn’t be condensed into a little web video. Fifteen months later, I screened a feature-length film from that trip to the students who lived it. (I was even able to share it with the Prime Minister of Bhutan and receive feedback!)

A year of many extremes and many joys, that 2013

Scared on the back of a motorbike, Mokilla, Hyderabad, India

While my job expects me to make high quality media, I also enjoy using social media to share the daily small joys that often don’t get a glossy coating. Using Storify, I curated a story of the previous year from my various online venues, resulting in the most ground level reflection of my experiences through Bhutan, Boston, and Hyderabad.

And then I became a teacher…

Lindsay teaching at THINK Global School, Buenos Aires, classroom

I started writing this blog post in February of 2012. Nearly two years later, I am able to look clearly at the progression of my job and see it within the larger context of my career and life. After applying for a job as a “Videographer,” I am now a teacher, producer, and temporarily wearing the shoes of an ed tech coordinator. I’ve always believed that travel expedites growth and maturation, and if that wasn’t clear to me in a professional sense before, it definitely is now.

Attending my first opening night via the interwebs

First photography exhibition in Wabash, Indiana attending via Skype, virtually, Honeywell Center

Thought it wasn’t my first choice to attend virtually, it was my only realistic option, as I was deeply embedded in school on May 1st, the day of the event. But this was a big moment for me, a first exhibition for an art major and with deep significance in location at that. I wanted to be able to absorb these factors viscerally and emerge from the experience enriched and with the sense that I had exhibited work always meant for others’ eyes.

Tweeting up a storm at an innovation conference

Mario Batali at the Fast Company Innovation Uncensored conference

Live tweets and retweets from the Fast Company Innovation Uncensored conference in New York City

Ten things my Instagram feed says about my February

Friendly Toast, huevos rancheros, Boston

1. I was able to seize a great opportunity to hear Al Gore speak (fo’ free!) at Harvard University. Always love a chance to hear troubling data about the planet in a Southern accent. That experience turned out to be the start of many great speakers in February, including two BBC World journalists, the exiled […]

A week in Washington D.C. and my notebook looks like this

Wordcloud of Washington D.C.

While in Washington D.C. on a school trip, I used my moleskin notebook to record words and thoughts on speakers, visits, and work items. These are the words that repeated themselves.

This is what the last four months in Argentina looked like

Recoleta cemetery, Buenos Aires, sunset, Argentina

On top of having a beautiful apartment in a central location, I lived with an hilarious roommate and part-time caterer with a debilitating case of FOMO. Together, we worked and played in this international city that showed us both its best and worst. It was the setting for incredible discovery at school and major learning moments personally. There are nail marks across our apartment floors and airport terminals where we refused to leave.

Have you heard about this global school of mine?

Lindsay photographing at a rugby championship, Joann McPike

I like telling stories around the world: in written form, through snazzy visuals, and from both experiential and academic perspectives. I would do this of my own volition (ahem, Nomadderwhere), but thankfully my job allows me to do this for pay every day. From time to time though, I also make marketing videos to give more context of this visionary establishment that houses such endeavors. Here are the latest ones of note.

Adios, America. It’s time for new places and fresh air.

TGS Year 2 map of Buenos Aires, Bhutan, and Boston

It’s time to navigate away from Indiana again. The school year is starting, and I’m about to move to a country I’ve never visited. Come Tuesday, I will have some new students, new co-workers, a new home with someone else’s furniture, and a new culture to study…thankfully in a language I’m already comfortable with. Last […]

Filming the Wabash River ‘as the crow flies’

Lindsay and an antique airplane in Wabash, Indiana

The upcoming term in Argentina will mark my 52nd country, and every once in a while I’m perplexed that this whole world obsession and world tour started from a town of 11,000 in rural Indiana. I talk about this town often–one I haven’t lived in for 12 years to the week–and it’s a weekend like […]

Consume & Update: making it count, making good art & making it home

Irene and Lindsay in NYC

I’ve finally stopped moving for a while. Want to see what I’ve found as of lately? World travel on Nike’s dime Nike made a new product that basically detects energy expended (a.k.a. Nike Fuel) throughout your typical, active day, and with this new product comes an intense online marketing campaign called #makeitcount. This video, created […]

This is what the last three months in Germany looked like

East Berlin storefront in Mitte, Berlin, Germany

This title isn’t entirely accurate; it should be more like “This is what the last three months in Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, and parts of Scandinavia looked like…and other cool stuff, too.” The first two terms in Ecuador and Thailand left little time for experiencing the surrounding culture. I mostly stared in a viewfinder […]

Consume & Update: 1952, Berlin Tetris, and Bavaria-bound

Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 10.52.42 PM

I’ve been talking to a co-worker a lot lately about her balance of consuming and creating, and it reminded me of my old balance between absorbing what the industry is putting out and telling the industry what I’m adding to the mix. After almost two years, here’s the latest Consume & Update! Great use of […]

What our experiences in Berlin look like thus far

The view from my bike in Berlin, Germany

Though I’m not processing my own experiences in video form as of lately (due to lack of time), I’m really please with what I’ve been able to crank out in Berlin. There are moments when what I’ve documented for work has impacted me, mostly at Wannsee Haus where the Final Solution was created. In this […]

This is what the last three months in Thailand looked like

Lindsay snorkeling off the Andaman islands

Just as in Ecuador, this is what I stared at every day of the Thailand term: my portable media HQ of two MacBook Pros, an iPad, an iPhone, and about 13 TB worth of storage power. I see pixels in my dreams. However, what wasn’t just like Ecuador was my workload. With the addition of […]

Weird just happened – a unpredictable 2011 in retrospect

Family at hospital for Max's birth

Dear Internet, I’ve been horrible, saying I’m going to write and then rarely following through. And it’s not for lack of noteworthy developments; this was an unbelievably unpredictable and diverse 2011, with certain promise of continuation in 2012. Upon returning to Indiana this holiday season, to a world so different from my working one, I […]

This is what the last three months in Ecuador looked like

MacBook Pros, iPads, iPhones, and intense production tech

A break from being on-location isn’t a vacation; it’s when post-production begins. The gray days of Indiana don’t make me feel guilty for holing up in my room, rubbing elbows with the likes of Photoshop and Final Cut Pro. Though I got to experience some incredible sights in my three months in Ecuador, the majority […]

How an e-mail scored me another travel gig

Email scored the next travel gig, cat, computer

I’ve been vague for months about what I do now. This is the long-alluded-to explanation of my new employment and how I got it. In this evolving career of mine, I’ve taken many different tactics to attracting and pursuing jobs. I’ve ‘dressed for the job I wanted’ by creating the content I like to make, […]

Is film school worth it these days?

Film school or no?

Yet another feature came out of my fingertips this week, one that started from the seed of a simple video on pixels. Entitled ‘How to produce award-winning films without going to film school‘, this piece packs in huge amount of information from some of the most outspoken self-taught cinematographers on the net. I went to […]

Why do you like time lapse videos?

Shooting nature. Photo by Erika Luetzow, 2007

If you get a little tired of waiting for my posts on Nomadderwhere – which I admit have become incredibly random and sparse – I’ll give you a little supplementary material. Recently, I wrote a feature for the Matador Network entitled ‘Why the obsession with time lapse video?‘ Have you ever wondered this yourself? What’s […]

The road called and demanded a Boston weekend

boston map

I haven’t traveled somewhere new for the sole purpose of leisure in a long time. Ironically, my mind doesn’t focus on potential trips I can take myself on without a ‘work’ angle – work being a very fuzzy concept often mistaken for hobby. Moving to New York and the east coast was a strategic escape […]

Where do we learn best and become our best selves?

Education, School and TED Talks

Before I publish an extensive post that dictates my next step in travel/work/life, which I’ve alluded to on Twitter, I wanted to share some videos I watched yesterday as a direct result of this recent thinking. If you follow Nomadderwhere, you may know I’ve spent the last couple years chasing and creating educational initiatives. Having […]

Neglect in a time of note-worthy experiences


I call myself a writer, but I haven’t written – really written – in two months. Since my last real musing, I traveled to three regions of Haiti, frequented my second Carnival celebration, had a random reunion with a travel friend in the middle of a street parade, hosted my best friend and travel gal […]

Nomadderwhere on the Black Informant Podcast

Black Informant Podcast

I’m such a sorry case for a writer that I’m actually stalling the publication of a post on how I haven’t written anything in a while! 2011 for Nomadderwhere is a Catch 22 kind of year. If that’s not clear, then stick around for the explanation coming whenever I get my act together. In the […]

Piecing Together an Understanding of Haiti Today

Photo courtesy of Living Water International;

This weekend came and went, and I never left my couch. My camera bag – meticulously packed for three hectic days across three cities – lies useless on the bedroom floor; memory cards untouched and road snacks un-nibbled. For the second time in a row, our assignment in Haiti has been postponed due to civil unrest […]

Mentally Preparing for Haiti on the Earthquake Anniversary

U.S. Helicopter Lands Beside Haiti's Crumbling Presidential Palace

With every assignment, my job is gaining more meaning and thrill, becoming increasing moving and educative. From researching Frida Kahlo to cutting videos on Nelson Mandela, I’ve been diving further into pivotal, global issues. And though – technically – our upcoming trip to Haiti is a freelance assignment to document a medical non-profit, I’m going […]

Indy to NYC: The Unnervingly Seamless Transition


I am 26 days fresh in New York City. Already recovered from the lower back strains of poorly lifting a 65 lb. military  trunk, I’m finding real comfort in the room that houses my first purchased mattress and this neighborhood that seems to defy the modern-day NYC paradigms. As enjoyable as this month-long transition has […]

Why I Moved to New York City

Hanging in NYC

[This post was written in the clouds between IND and LGA.] Composing somewhere around 30,000 feet, I’m completely immersed in the inevitable pool of realization. After a childhood in rural Indiana, an academic pilgrimage throughout the state, and 50 countries of exploration later, I’m finally settling on my first independent living situation. I chose out […]

Moving to NYC

Moving to New York City, Packing little

I’m moving my home base. I actually have an apartment in New York City. Did any of you ever thought this would happen? In case this simple video update doesn’t give you all the answers you need, I’ll fill you in from the plane ride over. Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via RSS feed or e-mail

Welcome to the New Nomadderwhere!

First Time Here?

Last year, my site took on a major change – from a free little ditty, dark and unappealing, to a self-hosted site, clean and click-worthy. Today is the start of another new beginning, a switch from a travel blog to something more than tips and stories. Though I’m still available and happy to answer questions […]

A Flattering Interview with PolyRepublic

Beti from PolyRepublic launched her new website this week, and I’m thrilled to be one of her first profiles. Poly Republic’s mission statement is to celebrate women who are daring enough to try to change the world or carve out a place for themselves in it. Check out the full profile by clicking the image […]

Video of the Week: Seclusion Musings (Webcam)

My Wabash abode

After one successful week of relative seclusion in northern Indiana, I’ve got some thoughts to share – musings, if you will. Your feedback is strongly encouraged.

Video of the Week: Summer Seclusion Project (Webcam)

Flying to New York City

Haven’t seen one of these in a while, huh? A video of the week or a webcam special. I finally got my act together! Enjoy. Notes from this week’s video: is in post-production stateside after a fantastic filming session in Mexico. I’m moving out of my parent’s house for a month for some seclusion […]

Update from Oaxaca

Oaxacan Alebrijes

Busyness, people. This production schedule is mad with work, and during any off time from outings and filming, we’re making new quick trip videos, publishing photography, researching the next experience, having photo shoots, and looking for food to sustain our laborious efforts. The past week was spent in the crazy comfort of Casa Oaxaca, a […]

Where are we in this story?

The Nakavika Project

Since I embarked on December 1st to develop The Nakavika Project, I’ve been quite inconsistent with my written postings, even though they’ve all published as frequently as expected. For those of you waiting to hear so much that we’ve left uncovered, I’ve got some ‘splaining to do. Starting off with action inspired by Chris Guillebeau’s […]

The Insider’s Opinion on the Project

Waterfall with Abel and Kids

The other day I asked Abel, our friend in Nakavika, to write something for the website – as someone with the insider perspective on what we were doing there. Though he could have been persuaded to write something extra kind from my request, I think he wrote what potential he saw in his own community […]

What is Nomadderwhere?

Lindsay in a porthole

A nomad moves and continues to flex their idea of home and comfort. A nomad doesn’t settle on one way of thinking or one surrounding. It’s a lifestyle of adaptation and life-long learning.

Written in the Star

Sitting on the top of a Parking Garage

I feel incredibly privileged to be a featured person in the Indianapolis Star. After an hour long interview and photo shoot a couple months ago, this article brought me great joy with its final materialization on Sunday, also race day in Indianapolis. I was sitting in a lawn chair, cold beer perched in my camera-case-turned-koozie, […]

Two Weeks to Go!

STA Interns 2009

Guacamole of Holiness! We’re leaving in the wink of a moment for the World Traveler Internship. I keep thinking back to the big phone call and that visceral awareness I had of this imminent journey. Today, it’s but an idea that I cannot grasp. I keep saying this, but it’s impossible to fathom how cool […]

I’m Still Alive

I’m alive and using free internet in Hungary. It’s delightful. The rain outside makes us feel a-not-so-guilty for sitting inside during our only day in Budapest; however, we are supposed to be picking Garrett up right now. He’d understand. Many more blogs to come very soon! Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via RSS feed or e-mail

A ‘Cha-ching’ Opportunity: Day 07

After a morning of reading the lyrical prose of the Tuscan countryside by Frances Mayes, I felt like my magic would come from cooking the best and freshest Italian meals of the season. But I experienced a moment of pure divine magic later on that made this expectation of good home cooking so miniscule in […]

Baggy-Eyed in the US of A

The sky of Indiana

It is 1:40 a.m. in Indianapolis, Indiana. I have so few hours left in this house, in this state, and on this side of the globe. It’s unfathomable, the intensity of these last few hours. I’m hardly nervous or even realizing what’s going on. Mom is asleep beside me, curled up like a cold little […]

Sun-burnt and Smilin: Day 3

I’m in the Bahamas. The sun is hot, and the beach is perfect. You are studying/working/roughing it in 10 degree weather. Don’t hate me. Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via RSS feed or e-mail

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