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Journeys of a Lifetime in December

Welcome back to my new monthly series on Nomadderwhere, one which highlights the incredible trips one could take in that current month – thanks to a vibrant book called Journeys of a Lifetime by National Geographic. Each month I pick a couple adventures from each section in the book in order to provide you inspiration […]

A Creepy Recurrence

Some sweet Cambodian kids

I pretty much praise anyone who finds a reason or the time to explore my site, and when people search the web and end up on Nomadderwhere, I’m just as thrilled. Some of my most popular posts are some I wouldn’t have pegged to be for the masses, for example: My JanSport Backpack Review Things […]

Interview a traveler: the 6’1″ teacher in China

Alexis in Western China on a camel

She’s been intimate with an octopus and smuggled scorpions onto a cruise liner under her clothing. She’s traverses five continents and now tackles her most recent escapade. Let’s check her out. I’ve had the stellar privilege of traveling with Alexis around the world. As someone who takes their travel buddy choosing very seriously, I was […]

Journeys of a Lifetime in November


Welcome back to my new monthly series on Nomadderwhere, one which highlights the incredible trips one could take in that current month – thanks to a vibrant book called Journeys of a Lifetime by National Geographic. Every month I will pick out a couple adventures from each section in the book in order to provide you […]

Video of the Week: World Traveler Intern Highlights

One of my least favorite questions to answer is “What was your favorite part?” Slimming down a trip into the best moments leaves out all the thrills in between and the trip’s entirety as a journey, which amplifies the highlights even more. The experience of the World Traveler Internship had an obvious highlight for me: […]

Street Smarts: Transport Scams

Rickshaws in India

Walking around India with glowing blonde hair, parachute pants, and the backpack/daypack humpback/pregnant belly combo is a sure-fire way to indicate, “I’m not from around here.” What does this mean to the rickshaws slowly following your swagger or the cyclists hoping you’ll turn around and want their transport services? Some might see an honest service […]

Consume & Update: Tea, Ponies, and Good Reads

Carnivorous Countries

After perusing the web for the most interesting goodies, here are my suggested reads and views for the week! Burning Man Timelapse World Hum and Eva Holland displayed a video by Ben Wiggins of stunning, time-lapse footage that gives a visual account of Burning Man, an annual art festival that seemingly cannot be truly described […]

Journeys of a Lifetime in October


I welcome you to a new monthly series on Nomadderwhere, one which highlights the incredible trips one could take in that current month – thanks to a vibrant book called Journeys of a Lifetime by National Geographic. Every month I will pick out a couple adventures from each section in the book in order to […]

Consume and Update: Life, Tolerance and Free Guides

If you’re always learning, hopefully you’re never bored. Here’s my attempt at bringing you the quality information I’m learning by this week. Christine created a series this month on what she knows best: giving a lifestyle some massive alterations to become one’s dream life. This series seeks to give you the practical, real world steps […]

Love for the IMA in Cambodia

I found this photo of the Cambodia’s Hope kids on Facebook and saw one of the boys was wearing my t-shirt. Thrilling. Cambodian children just love Indianapolis’ art scene! Go IMA! Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts.

The Sauna that is Dubai: Day 30-33

The dunes surrounding Dubai

I’ll be honest. The only time I’d subject myself again to a natural, sauna-like environment with sky-high prices and buildings and a soul burning sun would be on a really…really long layover. Though I absolutely love the airlines flying around the Gulf (and so much of these cultures is fantastic), I just don’t see myself […]

Why it will be a while for India: Day 28/29

Indian man at the temple

Imagine an alternate universe that’s accessible by easy flight. A Mars or Twilight Zone with roaming holy cows, instant disease upon the consumption of food, toilets seemingly nonexistent, and pimped out buses roaming the streets. And imagine this place has so much of great appeal: colors, spices, drinks, music, dancing, people, animals, mountains, beaches, and […]

India Travel Photographs Galore

Keeping Royal Ladies Covered since...a long time ago

See the true beauties from India. Also check out my blogs on India for some insightful musings. Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via RSS feed or e-mail

Sunrise over Marble: Day 27

Alone at Last

The following came to my mind while viewing her in splendid beauty. And by her I mean the Taj Mahal. “From a brutal sun, she grabs the softest light and increases her elegance as more is revealed. Detail. Elaborate. Pristine. Smooth. The grandeur. The scale. All reflections point to a love harbored by one man […]

What is Fatehpur Sikri? Day 26

How they do this with marble I'll never know

Akbar’s capital city and home in the 1500s. An incredibly well-preserved complex of structures created in the Mughal style of architecture. A pretty far out place in rural India. So many centuries-old monuments are dilapidated and crumbling representations of their formerly grand selves. Sadly, pillaging and the wearing effect of time get the best of […]

Step in the Name of Water: Day 25

Super Cool Step Well

There are many perks to being in India during the off-season, a.k.a. the blistering heat of summertime. I walked into some nicer, yet empty restaurants and mentioned the items on the menu looked quite expensive. This usually got me at least at 20% discount because they needed the business. However, the heat is inescapable and […]

Bollywood’s Kal Kisne Dekha: A Quality Laugh

Best Worst Bollywood Movie Ever

Nihal was a simple boy, bright and charismatic. He moved to Mumbai to go to his dream college and befriend the sweet women who liked him dearly and charm the spoiled ones who didn’t. He pulled some Matrix moves on the bad boys in school (who fittingly wore leather jackets and rode motorbikes) then saved […]

Great Wall + Indiana Jones Movie Set = Amber Fort: Day 24

A Gorgeous View from Amber Fort

Outside of an intriguing city called Jaipur sits a massive sprawl of buildings that seldom leave people unimpressed. We approached the area and got out on the side of the road to take distance shots of the entire panorama. Brushing off the hats that hawkers placed on our heads for purchase, we clicked the crusting […]

Movin’ On from Delhi: Day 23

City Palace in Jaipur

So much about Delhi intrigues me. The spice markets and the grand monuments. The tree lined roads and innumerable modes of transportation. I have friends in Delhi and enough knowledge of certain neighborhoods to make me feel somewhat comfortable with this harsh environment. I can’t say I enjoy the street side groping (by any stretch […]

Feeling Balmy and Looking Skyward: Day 22

Chowing at the Sikh Temple

The extent of my knowledge on Sikhism stops at the turbans. That’s pretty sad, which is why putting on a headscarf, washing my feet, and walking up the steps to Bangla Sahib, the Sikh temple in Delhi, was an experience I happily embraced. Red, beautifully woven rugs covered the marble floor completely, and we slinked […]

Independent Travel vs. Tour Group: Day 21

The Jackpot of Tour Groups

The age-old debate: should we call our own shots or pay someone to do it for us. It all depends on how you value your own physical, mental, emotional exhaustion and how things like this affect your appreciation of a destination. Last year, I traveled across Northern India alone, at time spending only $20 bucks […]

A Friend Among the Hassle

Mudi, a righteous dude

Upon reaching our luxurious hotel in Delhi, I practically sprinted for the area I know best, the backpacker district…Pahar Ganj Main Bazaar. This one stop shopping/lodging/dining/etc. paradise for budget travelers was the first place I planted my feet and bags during my India visit last year, thinking this would be the perfect launching point for […]

India, Shock with Awe: Day 20


The last time I left India, just eight months ago, I related the effect the country had on me to a scruffy, irritating, acidic kiss from which I recoiled…and then later longed for. As the horns screamed around our taxi from the airport, I turned to Chris and said, “Home Sweet Home.” He nodded. This […]

The Sweet Old Men of Tokyo: Day 197

The gardens in Tokyo

One of the things I feared most about this trip was the transition from away to returned. One world to another. I’m talking culture shock, my friends. That nasty bugger has gotten me once in a nasty way, and I really didn’t want it to happen again. This feeling of anger towards one’s home and […]

Healing the Sniffles in Bangkok: Day 194

Bangkok Khao San Road Thailand

A cold front came through my immune system, and I felt an incredible amount of “build-up” form in my throat and nose. Delicious. Throughout the bus ride from Phnom Penh to Bangkok, I attempted to sleep off the imminent sickness, knowing I wouldn’t get to shut my eyes until at least 6 or 7am the […]

Hey, That’s My Leg You Ran Over: Day 192

Five Guys, One Motorbike. Get Comfy.

On this final night in Cambodia, I adorned my trekking shoes for the first time in weeks and chaperoned an excursion to Phnom Penh’s Water Festival near the river. I missed the main events of boating and races during the day, but the locals spoke of crowds that would stop traffic, which I was eager […]

Chicken and Clams, Partying Khmer Style: Day 191

The Grown-Up Party

After seeing a film about orphans in northern Uganda, my parents felt moved to donate funds for the kids at Palm Tree. For about two weeks, I asked the administrators, teachers, and Evan what was lacking there or what needed additional funding to occur on the ground level. As the days passed, my interest in […]

The Cheap Battle Against Scurvy: Day 190

After ten days of teaching in classrooms, drawing cartoons, tutoring English, pushing swings, riding bikes too small for me, picking up from school, playing in the rain and watching TV while intertwined in a human pile, I finally felt comfortable taking my camera out of my room and clicking photographs of the kids I lived […]

My Brush with Controversial Cambodia: Day 189

There’s such a thing as a hostess bar in Cambodia. It’s an establishment that offers libations, snacks, and the most salient feature of spry, young Cambodian women, available for modest companionship and eye candy. With such a gag-evoking reality of child prostitution and sex tourism in this country already scarred with unfathomable [recent] history, I […]

My Friend, Evan Witty

There are a couple reasons why I’ve chosen to live my life the way that I do. The unpredictable coming of death is a major determining factor that leaves me feeling helpless to the forces of nature. When traveling to distant lands and seeking adventure make us more vulnerable to risk and danger, but statistics […]

The Transition to Useful: Day 187

As often as one would see a road sign or a mailbox on the highway in America, in Cambodia, one sees the reoccurrence of signage displaying political loyalty: Cambodian People’s Party, Funcinpec, and oodles others adorning the mouths of people’s driveways. Besides these brilliant blue beacons, all the world is green. Families construct roadside eateries […]

Angkor Thoughts Anchor Awe: Day 180

Angkor Wat Temple Hallway

My hair fluttered in the wind on the back of the hired tuk-tuk. Driving twelve kilometers into the Angkor jungles, the amazing Cambodian air was cool and luscious, yet upon stopping it instantly created a “stick” factor that made me look freshly emerged from a pool. I even wore my Bayern Munchen soccer jersey in […]

Soulja Boy in Cambodi’ya: Day 180

I sat watching a Champions League soccer game on the restaurant’s TV, dangling my flip flop from a shaking foot and hoping a Cambodian beer was in my immediate future. No one waited on me, and I look around to see that every frat boy backpacker had been served and content for seemingly hours. After […]

Luxu-Reverse Culture Shock: Also Day 179

Individual TVs with touch screen features, jam-packed with the latest Hollywood hits. A Thai meal paired with real silverware, a cloth napkin matching the pattern of the place mat, and true customer satisfaction. I just described the experience of flying with an Indian airline. Surprised? My eyes were slathered with awe once I left the […]

A One Day Exhausting Encore, and I’m Still Clapping: Day 179

I’m a firm believer that so much of your lasting memory of a location depends on how you entered it. When I arrive in the dark of night to a new locale, it’s as if I wear a chiffon blindfold that begets a hazy concept of the city. All you have are the smells, the […]

Diwali in Transit: Day 178

From Darjeeling to Kolkata, Diwali erupted in my wake. Descending the staircase of Hotel New Vaisali, my working boys were in the process of hanging strands of orange and yellow flowers over the entrance to the lobby, taking as much care in the presentation as they would placing a fallen baby bird back in its […]

Snubs and Grub, Why Eating Alone is Gangster: Day 176

To seek out mental exhaustion To be stranded with nothing but my mind To be shoved completely out of my bubble and to let the one that covers me burst into tears on occasion To see things I read about To have a more enlightened mind and know, from experience, things never to be forgotten […]

This is Why I Travel: Day 174

BANG! POW! CRACK! These are not the captions of a Marvel comic but the sounds that reverberated off the walls in my all-marble hotel. They were unexpected, oddly timed during the day, and seemingly arbitrary in the grand scheme of normal life in Darjeeling, India. I had no idea why the boys that worked in […]

When It’s Right, Let it Simmer: Day 172

Alice Villa and her crew kicked me out with a smile and a tear. My beloved guesthouse was overbooked, and my sorry load needed to relocate for the remainder of my mountain adventure. It was a bittersweet parting with an establishment that saved me from extreme bowel distress, gave me food and impeccable shelter, and […]

The Best Part of Wakin’ Up: Day 171

COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE Smile and decline. COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE CHAAAAAAAI I wasn’t tired. Yes, I woke up at 3:30am and ran through the echoing city of Darjeeling in the bare cold of her film noir-esque pre-dawn. Yes, I jumped in a stranger’s jeep, gave him two dollars, and […]

A Dumpling with a View: Day 170

I wrote these thoughts while on the “road”… “A nervous dog pacing for a good, sunny, uncrowded spot to bathe and relax A little boy snorting and scaring girls (including me) to impress his buddy between swings on the monkey bars Old women with elephant wrinkles thumbing 109 prayer beads” This “road” could have be […]

Finding melodies in malady: Day 168

Varanasi in the morning, India, boats

I barely slept on the night train and eventually took a seat at the window, once the sleeper car had become alive again. The atmosphere outside infiltrated my senses with green, cool, and an absence of the decay of Delhi and Agra. In those few early moments, I had a breakfast of rural fulfillment. I […]

Breaking News: Polos Invade Top Mughal Tomb: Day 165

On a trip dripping with solitude, I surprisingly felt very little in terms of personal, all-encompassing, heavy-hearted loneliness. Although, those rare times [when I did feel the weight] were compressed into quick moments that were scattered at key points on the trip. New beginning moments. Big change moments. To strap on my backpack and walk […]

Three Cups of Chai: Day 164

Mudi, a righteous dude

It was out of obligation that I boarded the planes and trains south again after Kashmir. Having already experienced the world of sticky, smelly, trash-ridden India last year in Chennai, I intended this trip to the Subcontinent to be dedicated to the mountains. And having already satiated that new dream to see monster peaks and […]

Trek to the Tropical Tundra: Day 162

Trekking in the Himalayas

No blood was shed. The curfew worked. We strapped the chickens on board and waded in fresh puddles to the jeep. Over my dynamite Kashmiri bread breakfast earlier, I felt the boat sway and new voices bounce off the water. Mohamed crawled out of the flashy water taxi, the Parisian movie director a new arrival […]

Too Much Thinkin': Day 153

Nageen Lake

I may have made a truly horrifying decision, pushed by the approach of an immediate journey, the desire to part with the urban jungle; the work of three assuring and ambiguously generous salesmen along with the back-up by happy Western customers…my gosh, who knows why I flew to Kashmir. It’s a thrill I normally find […]

Welcome to the Himalayas: Day 152

Indiana is not a place where you need to worry about gripping the purse at your side or walking cautiously to your car at night with mase at the ready. This lack of high thrills and danger may be one reason why some say it’s a boring place to live. In fact, I think it’s […]

Mid West Meets Middle East, The Staredown: Day 150

Lindsay in Doha, Qatar

A sleep deprived, dehydrated Mid Westerner in the Middle East…too hot for complete thoughts or sentences. A far too classy condo complex cafe and Darjeeling tea sprang out, a foreshadow to something I definitely want and have to see. A tall African doorman reminiscent of the Green Mile miracle worker…in pajamas. Walking from one massive […]

Why I Hate the Indian Bureaucracy: Day 149

The shower was near scalding a heat that leaves your skin itching for more harsh comfort but it was the hottest I’ve had in weeks and it stayed that way I steamed out the biters encircling my naked frame my arms radiated like dry ice It’s the signal of a shift, a baptism and wash […]

Hey, It’s Wednesday. Again: Day 75

Lijang, China

It may never again be the case that my weekly schedule includes two of the same day, a Groundhog Day-esque situation where déjà-vu is on the agenda. I can easily get lost in every activity and duty I have this week, but times like these need to be relished. We are crossing the International Date […]