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I didn’t have a lot of solid help making my packing list for Semester at Sea, and now that I see it below, I realize I really over-packed, even though relatively speaking, I brought about half of what my roommate did. When you’ve got a cabin that moves where you move, there’s no real issue with packing too much, until you are forced to carry everything you have accumulated off the ship at the final port. As a rule of thumb, take half the clothes you think you need, and that’s probably still too much.

The list in black is the untouched version from my pre-departure days, and comments in pink are additions and insight made after the trip’s completion. If you are an SAS alum, feel free to e-mail me or comment your suggestions on how this list could be greatly improved.

Semester at Sea Packing List

$1 bills (250)
$10 bills (10)
$20 bills (10)
$5 bills (20)
2 copies of passport photo
4 copies of passport front page only needed one, though I never lost my passport
aloe vera
athletic shorts
band-aids (20)
bathing suits (two, one to ruin)
battery powered alarm clock something easy to reset as you constantly cross time zones
beach towel
big bottle body wash
big conditioner
big shampoo
big world map for wall in cabin
blue button up shirt
bobby pins
bras (6) too much?
camera battery chargers (2)
camera ipod connector
camera dslr
camera usb connector
capris I now find these sort of pants hard to tolerate wearing or seeing
casual dress
cell phone from home to be used in Puerto Rico and Hawai’i (American territories, baby)
chapstick (2)
cipro (for traveler’s diarrhea) ooooh yes…essential
clothes pins (10)
cold medicine
copies of credit card (2) don’t know if I needed these
cover up
day calendar this was just for the jokes on the Far Side themed calendar
deoderant (2)
doxycycline (anti-malarial)
dramamine (32) for me, too many, but I was only mildly seasick
dress for ambassador’s Ball
dress up fun pants yes, I really pack ridiculous clothing for comic relief on all trips
driver’s license and copy can’t remember what all these copies were for
duct tape
dvds (10)
euro outlet adapter
extra d50 battery
face lotion
face scrub
face wash (2) this is something I have trouble finding in other countries
fanny pack not necessary
flash drive
flip-flops (2)
fold up bag for end of trip
hair brush
hair things (24)
hand sanitizer two small and a refill bottle
headphones (2)
ipod usb connector
iPod wall charger
iu playing cards (3) for homestay gifts
jeans (2)
laptop charger
laptop mouse
laundry bag
long-sleeved shirt layers (2)
luna Bars (30) wonderful for when I missed breakfast or when trekking
magnets (40) surprisingly could have used more
melatonin absolutely essential – changing time zones constantly is tough
moccasins for walking around my wigwam – slippers or flip-flops will do
money belt I’m over money belts
mosquito repellent with deet go for 25%
nail clippers/files
pad of post-its for harrassing your roommate, if she/he turns out to be awesome
paper and binder
pashminas (2)
passport/yellow book/visas
pencils (11)
pens (9)
phone charger
prilosec otc (14)
q-tips (200) I really did count all my toiletries, especially two-per day Q-tips
razor and refills (4)
retainers (2)
rubber bands (5)
sas paperwork
sharpie probably didn’t need three
sketch paper
skirts (2)
sleep shirt
sleeping bag liner I got crazy mileage off a liner from Target for $20
small calculator
small camera
small camera usb connector
small notebook (2) for the practical stuff and getting around in port
socks (7)
sports bras (2)
sticker sheets (3) for the kids
sudafed (12)
sunglasses hallelujah for polarized RayBans
sweat pants can be purchased on the ship
sweatshirt also conveniently purchased on board
lady things ask questions if you’re inquisitive
tank tops
toothbrush/toothpaste (2 of each)
travel pillow
travel size bath stuff just one set, which can be refilled with big bottles
travel wet wipes (10)
t-shirts (8)
tylenol pm
underwear (18) I should have just cleaned as I went, hence the clothing line
usb sd card reader
walking shoes (2) both pairs ok to ruin
ziplock bags (9)

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