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iPads and chicken slaughters bring me clarity after five years

One little boy lifted the silver bowl of chicken heads to receive its next occupant, and I snapped out of my time-traveling thoughts. I stood up and returned to Vita’s house to find that the iPad had locked away its contents from the curious kids indoors. When I unlocked the iPad, I found the following paragraph, scribed by Samu:

Coastline and culture in New England

I’ve decided that, these days, if I can produce a blog post a month, I’m a lucky gal. Lucky to find breaths between beloved jobs to do similar work of my own volition. Lucky to be able to reflect on experiences and milk what value can be gathered. I doubt the cafe I edited in […]

Indy to NYC: Flying with Felines

This is a two-pronged post – conceptual and practical – so before you hate on cats, read the first half and reap the benefits. This week officially marked my sixth month living in New York City. Spending 0+ on shipping boxes was a cost I happily incurred, in the moment and in hindsight. Transporting little […]

Photo of the Day: Waterbucks at sunset

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Photo of the Day: Hangin with the Long Necks

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Witnessing the Termination of Babe: Day 8

Seven children and youth members of the village crowded around Garrett’s computer as he narrated his life in another world. “This is my friend Amanda…And this is the snow I ski down every winter. We get lots of snow like this…” I dozed off nearby on my bed as each head fought for viewing space […]

Video of the Week: The Pig Slaughter

Babe had never been so violated…until now. This is what happens when Nakavika has a celebration. Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via RSS feed or e-mail

Tido Knows What’s Up. Africa! Day 33

I fear the worst has happened. As we sit here bunkering off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa, with the entire skyline in view, I cannot begin to summon up my most exciting and memorable experiences into a simple Word document. I am accustomed to and comfortable with the unfathomable, the exotic, the unique […]