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Video of the Week: Dune Bashing in Dubai

There are still many videos from the World Traveler Internship I haven’t featured in this weekly series. Dubai is no longer one of them. Don’t forget to dune bash on your next journey to the Middle East. You can also watch this video on YouTube. Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via RSS feed or e-mail

Journeys of a Lifetime in June

Welcome back to my new monthly series on Nomadderwhere, one which highlights the incredible trips one could take in that current month – thanks to a vibrant book called Journeys of a Lifetime by National Geographic. Each month I pick a couple adventures from each section in the book in order to provide you inspiration […]

The Sauna that is Dubai: Day 30-33

I’ll be honest. The only time I’d subject myself again to a natural, sauna-like environment with sky-high prices and buildings and a soul burning sun would be on a really…really long layover. Though I absolutely love the airlines flying around the Gulf (and so much of these cultures is fantastic), I just don’t see myself […]