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The Missed Airborne Opportunity

With recent years of life seeing 30 flights or more, it’s almost surprising today marks a first in my life as a transient. Reliant on repetitive lessons or others for the logistics, I rarely put much thought into an airport day. The more effort and worry at times the more likely I actually grasp the […]

Back on Home Turf: Day 202

I left Tokyo in the evening of November 17th…and then I arrived on the morning of November 17th after flying halfway across the world’s most expansive ocean. Time travel can really trip you out, if you allow those thoughts to infiltrate your over-stimulated senses. I landed and immediately started making phone calls, thanks to the […]

Rome on Two Wheels: Day 15

Every once in a while, parents forget how old their children truly are and all the times they’ve proven themselves responsible. After being denied the chance to experience a dance club in Florence or even a small pub in a Tuscan hill town, my brother, his wife and I (ages 27, 28 and 22 respectively) […]

Death by a Stick Shift: Day 06

For the last two years, I’ve had a reoccuring dream. I have just arrived in Florence, Italy with my parents in tow, and I can’t recognize a single landmark. Highways in the sky suspended over modern buildings and massive tomato sculptures – sort of a ‘paved paradise’ situation which makes me cringe. Today’s early morning […]

This Is How You Make Italy Ugly: Day 03

Bellaggio, where are all the cruise ships? This city screams of elderly tourism and unfriendly locals. It may have been the crowd on our ferry over from the ever-pleasant Lenno – and I hate to be ungrateful – but it pains me that such a view, such mountain and lake air, such green and flowering […]

Unattainable Tuscany: Day 02

Purple teeth, full belly, numerous moments of complete contentment… Multiple times today, I worried I was dead inside. I had yet to feel the heavy weight on my heart that was supposed to come with my exit from the Western hemisphere. I was hardly nervous, a little apprehensive, but didn’t feel any fluttering of the […]