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An emotional, highly anticipated return to Nakavika

Returning to my first lemon leaf tea in five years, I happily settled on the grass mat with a Christmas mug. I was nearly out of the emotional woods with this favorite, sweet elixir and a few cold pancakes. I sighed and scanned the room, finally noticing two photos taped to the wall, one of my mother in the snow and another of my grandmother holding my baby niece. I should have just accepted that a breakdown was inevitable.

Photoblog: a summertime reunion of travel friends in Vermont

One year of teaching in China and two years of Peace Corps in Malawi later, my dear friends from Semester at Sea and I finally reunited. Alexis and I flew to Burlington, Vermont within 20 hours of Garrett’s homecoming, and these are the good times we enjoyed. When I’m not at work, I don’t want […]

Q&A: going solo on Semester at Sea and other Q’s

Send in your questions, too! First of all, I want to start out by saying this is awesome you have set this up. I want to do Semester at Sea, but I just don’t know much about it to sign up quite yet! Here are some my questions: Summer or spring? Is 100 days too […]

Video of the Week: Preparing for Mexico (Webcam)

I finally dipped into the world of webcam, vlog-style videos, for both the sake of practicality/timing and in order to stay current with my website postings. As I embark on this trip to Mexico with ProjectExplorer, I am telling myself, “Stay current and create dynamic content with timing.” Also, I wanted to thank the awesome […]

Video(s) of the Week: Self-Teaching New Skills

I’ll admit this off the bat: this week’s video post is all over the place. Yes, it’s dedicated to the betterment of the self-taught skills, just like last week’s. Yes, it covers material from last year, this year, and calls for agency in yourselves! And yes, there are three videos this week. Just roll with […]

Feet Don’t Fail Me Now: Day 43

This post was written by Garrett Russell. We rely on our bodies to work. That’s a no-brainer. Traveling on a budget often involves staying in a hostel, taking public transportation, and very commonly using your appendages to get from place to place. I have walked all over this planet, and I expect my body to […]

Independence in a Communal Society: Day 39

Returning after our holiday, we had not only our backpacks but boxes worth of books, school supplies, and ingredients for a week of comforting menu items. Fane gave us no hint as to when she would return to the village, and we were given permission to run her household to our liking, to cook and […]

Video of the Week: Reviewing a Road Trip to Des Moines

This week’s video post is dedicated to the betterment of the self-taught skills. Recently, I answered a question on how to best groom yourself for the World Traveler Internship, and since a huge part of the job is video editing, I thought it wise to encourage an exercise that will only improve our skills in […]

The First Hour of 2010 in the World: Day 35

Aside from decapitation and/or childbirth sans-Epideral, I’m guessing nothing hurts as badly as putting aloe vera on freshly exposed burned skin. I nearly passed out from a woozy rush after an invigorating shower than revealed to me I hadn’t just crisped one layer of skin but many. Regardless, I threw on some make-up for the […]

Video of the Week: Leaving the Village

Remembering our last two days in Fiji together as we left Nakavika and The Nakavika Project – gathering supplies in Suva and spending our last hours together. Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via RSS feed or e-mail

Video of the Week: The Dreaded Infection

After seeing three year-olds throw nails around the village for weeks, we finally saw that which we were anticipating with worried brow: someone stepped on a nail…and that unfortunately fellow was Garrett. Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via RSS feed or e-mail

Sacrificing Mentality

This post was written by Garrett Russell. Every aspect of the environment in which I grew up defines who I am. My language, my customs, my values and morals all define me as a person. I am very proud of my heritage, and there are many things that I don’t want to ever forget or […]

Am I Eating What I Think I’m Eating?

This post was written by Garrett Russell. When traveling afar, one must face an unnerving truth: you can never be too certain what you’re eating, nor if it will agree with your stomach. In America, most of what we eat is processed by strict guidelines that prevent us from coming down with something. This is […]

Video of the Week: The Classes

In case you were wondering, we’re doing a lot more than just observing animal slaughterings and swimming in the river. Check out the real work. Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via RSS feed or e-mail

My Fijian Calling: Rugby

This post is written by Garrett Russell. I think I might have found my Fijian calling: Rugby. Nakavika is a village that has earned the reputation of being a Namosi Highlands rugby powerhouse. With one player currently on the Fiji national team, the blood for the sport runs deep within everyone. Every evening before dinner […]

Pack Your Humor

This post was written by Garrett Russell. I had many conversation with Lindsay, who has already been to Nakavika, about what to expect. After listening to her advice I came to the realization I didn’t want to know everything. It’s nice when traveling to have a Lonely Planet guide book with you – to help […]

The Long Road to the Village: Day 4

Flying westward across the Pacific is an unsettling travel experience for a couple reasons – the main ones being deadly, cobalt waters that threaten a future stranded on an island with a friend named Wilson and the time travel that occurs with simply flying over one degree of latitude. We left LAX at 11:30pm on […]

The First Steps into Fiji: Day 3

A blending of India’s food and occasional putrid odors, Uganda’s smoking fires and Hawaii’s humid sweetness, spices and diesel exhaust, dust and flowers, fresh air infused with very specific whiffs of soap and oils – I can’t explain Fiji’s air any better than this. I wriggled in anticipation for Garrett’s first smells of the island. […]

Video of the Week: Fiji Bound

Ah, the wonders of 26 hours of transit time across the world. Garrett and I make our way across America and the Pacific Ocean to Nadi, Fiji, where we begin our adventure with an interesting start. The Nakavika Project has begun. Check out the next video when we finally make it to Nakavika. Subscribe to […]

The Birth of The Nakavika Project, Part 2

We found a deal, weighed our options and booked the tickets to a dream destination with a drive to do something new. Where did our plans for developing The Nakavika Project go from here? Establishing Our Contacts Garrett being a future Peace Corps volunteer (therefore an avid believer in their principles) and me being an over-thinker […]

The Birth of The Nakavika Project, Part 1

One moment I was reading and reviewing travel narratives, inquiring tweeters about road trips and the next moment, I had tickets booked. Where did this new trip come from, and how did Garrett and I develop The Nakavika Project out of thin air? The Lingering Possibility Since I left the village in Fiji on June […]

Interview a traveler: the ski-crazy humanitarian

He’s conquered the slopes of Vermont and explored 23 countries across the globe. He’s got the amazing ability to befriend anyone and has committed the next three years of his life to working for others. Let’s check him out. Garrett Russell is one of my favorite travel buddies and my partner on the Nakavika Project. […]

Video of the Week: The Mystery Partner

Now you know where we’re going (Fiji), but who is the other side of this “we”? And what are we heading to Fiji to do? Check out the next video on our outreach. Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via RSS feed or e-mail

April and its Many Pleasures

The STA World Traveler Internship is becoming a dot on my horizon now, within viewing range and getting bigger and more omnipresent in my daily life with each globe rotation. And if you’ve been wondering how I am preparing for this experience, I guess you haven’t been following my blog. Wa waaaaaaa…sad. Well, I’ve been […]

A Dark Day: Day 38

One train. L’viv to Krakow. Perfect. No crazy town of Chop in which to disembark with fear. No hidden fees or problems foreseen. Or so we believed until the conductors and engineers started a pick-up game of bumper trains. I awoke and momentarily thought I was in a suspended metal ball, hanging at the end […]

I Crain? No, Ukraine! Day 36

We arrive, and we still can’t read a darn thing. Our tiny street map is written in Roman characters, so every street sign we see must be translated. Alright, what does B – Pi symbol – H – R – Airplane beverage cart – V – backwards N spell? But, hark! Aimless wandering led us […]

Shakin’ it up: Day 35

Game plan review: we want to go to Krakow. We’ve got gobs of time. It’s hard to go direct from Eger. Where should we go en route? More mountains? Ukraine? …wait…the Ukraine?!? Where did this choice come from? We first move closer to both options in Kosice, Slovakia, where we stop to make some Slovakian […]

My Traveltude is Pickling: Day 34

There are very few places on this Earth more beautiful Croatia’s islands, particularly that of Brac. Thanks to Stjepan’s suggestions, we knew exactly how to maximize our time in this wonderland: with scooters! Driving along the coast, we felt waves of heat in the sun and refreshing cool under the trees. Bugs slapped our arms, […]

The Beginnings of My’o’trip, Not Eurotrip. Well That, Too: Day 27

Interlaken seemed as though it was constructed by a toy maker, by Giapetto maybe; tiny little buildings neatly placed in between two teal lakes and amongst colossal mountains. Every man or woman over forty was walking around town with ultra-thick socks, large, weathered hiking boots, with two walking sticks swinging, even if they were on […]

Arrivederci, Pipi: Day 21

Four hours after a late, post-clubbing bedtime, poor Garrett and Alexis were summoned to rise for Cinque Terre with my parents. A gorgeous four more hours later, Caro and I awoke, sparkling, to a room filled with golden light and wandered down to the pool. A hectic day of sunning and lounging was to begin. […]