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Greece is up next!

My hands smell of (free) salt and vinegar chips as I type away from within the Atlanta airport lounge. I am en route to Athens for the next three months, and I’m happy that my anxiety has finally converted itself into pure excitement.

Journeys of a Lifetime in June

Welcome back to my new monthly series on Nomadderwhere, one which highlights the incredible trips one could take in that current month – thanks to a vibrant book called Journeys of a Lifetime by National Geographic. Each month I pick a couple adventures from each section in the book in order to provide you inspiration […]

This year’s popular posts

I’m very happy to report Nomadderwhere has come a long way since this time last year, when I moved from a simple blogspot to a bonafide domain of my own. Since that time I’ve changed my writing style and topics, grown a readership of surprisingly many (thanks to you), won the most amazing internship known […]

Consume and Update: Life, Tolerance and Free Guides

If you’re always learning, hopefully you’re never bored. Here’s my attempt at bringing you the quality information I’m learning by this week. Christine created a series this month on what she knows best: giving a lifestyle some massive alterations to become one’s dream life. This series seeks to give you the practical, real world steps […]

Video of the Week: Greece

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Video of the Week: A Day in Santorini

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Things I didn’t know before coming to Greece

Little old Greek ladies take queueing seriously by using their elbows and body weight The beaches are sometimes difficult to reach on the islands and most are clothing-optional You can’t flush paper down toilets on the islands

Sick as a Donkey: Day 61

Holy mackerel, Mykonos ripped my body apart and threw it to the seagulls. With every passing minute on the ferry, my head swirled against the motions of the waves and filled with pain. My cough was extreme. I went through three toilet rolls blowing my nose dry. And it’s so sad, when your body becomes […]

An Island I Can Handle: Day 57

Weee! A beach! A warm beach! Without jellyfish, sharks, or boiling outdoor temperatures! The Greek islands were calling me while I was still preparing for the trip in America. Every island the ferry passed was a tease until we finally slowed and reversed into the port for Paros. Oh, sweet breezes and salty air! We […]

Clicking with Athens: Day 53

I love Italy; therefore, I always thought I’d love Greece. It’s easy to lump them together as Southern Europe/Mediterranean countries and call them similar cultures since they both claim responsibility for civilization as we know it. Ah, but driving into Athens, observing the surrounding barren hills, passing by the various eateries, hearing a language so […]