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Photographing Christmas with the family

Sometimes when I’m home, I turn the camera on my family. They like to cheese it up in photos, but when their cheek muscles relax a bit and they get into their element, you can see the real smiles emerge.

What a New Year Means to a Traveler

Do you know where we were a year ago today? This is a game my family plays. Actually, this is just a common sentence equation my parents throw around, about which my brother and I like to joke. Whether we recall where we were last month or dream of our future location a week away, […]

A Gracious Thank You on Mother’s Day

My mother, Margie – I’ve certainly put her through a lot, especially in these last four years: Leaving her for 100 days straight in favor of be “stranded at sea” Traveling alone through Vietnam after she specifically asked me not to Having an irrationally sour attitude when experiencing culture shock or a place that rubs […]

The Triple Importance of Cinco de Mayo

There are three reasons why I really love this day on the calendar, and aren’t the final reasons in these sort of lists always the best? Reason #1 Four years ago today, I flew solo across the Atlantic for the first time in my life…solo meaning without family or friends, not Amelia Earhart-style. After having […]

Video of the Week: Kaivalangis on Holiday

Christmas in Fiji. The first time zone to experience 2010. We were two grateful kaivalangis on holiday… Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via RSS feed or e-mail