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Indy to NYC: The Unnervingly Seamless Transition

I am 26 days fresh in New York City. Already recovered from the lower back strains of poorly lifting a 65 lb. military  trunk, I’m finding real comfort in the room that houses my first purchased mattress and this neighborhood that seems to defy the modern-day NYC paradigms. As enjoyable as this month-long transition has […]

The Art of Reinvention, Anonymity, and Self-Discovery in Travel

My mind finally smells summer. I’ve been away from Indiana for the past two summers and away from Wabash during the summertime since I moved away ten years ago. Having spent the majority of my childhood outside, I’ve been unknowingly pining for the familiar olfactory triggers, which I still can’t define well: aromatic greens of […]

As You Like (To See) It, A Traveler’s Melancholy

Though relatively young, and therefore jovial, and the product of a content childhood packed with humor, I’ve grown into someone that is constantly asked: Are you unhappy? Bawling at the table in my Italian family’s home, seeming a mystery to the black and white of intercontinental correspondence, being irrationally testy at home, where the bubble […]

Consume & Update: Balance, Success, and Last Week

Today’s documentation of the travel and blogging world is a little slim but can plunge you into a lotta deep thought. The Four Burners and Success Who really has a balanced life? I’d like to think that overall the way I conduct myself on a year-long basis levels out between travel and home, physicality and […]

Video of the Week: Seclusion Musings (Webcam)

After one successful week of relative seclusion in northern Indiana, I’ve got some thoughts to share – musings, if you will. Your feedback is strongly encouraged.

The Danger of Not Processing the Bad: Day 55

How does that make you feel? Go on…let it out. It’s okay to feel these feelings. Let’s talk about that… We all shake our heads at the shoulder-patting, “aww gee”-inspiring cliches from the psychology world, but there’s no doubt they come from a necessary concept. When the traumatic, the all-of-a-sudden, the shocking occurs, our heads […]

Urgency in Health and a Broken Hip: Day 36

Even if the only information one is exposed to is from cable TV and the local newspaper, Americans know what makes them unhealthy, and many continue to live as though they don’t. 34% of us are obese, so to travel globally and point fingers at people’s awareness of their own health seems little hypocritical. However, […]

A Much Needed Moment of Clarity: Day 82

Three months had to pass before I understood that life had not stopped at home. Muted communication and selective media made it nearly impossible to remain intact as my family encouraged a vacation from my home realities. I read today that a fellow high school classmate died on Valentine’s Day, and I remained oblivious of […]

Thinking of Indy in India: Day 50

My transformation began with the first step off the gangway. The equatorial sun toughened my already sun-kissed skin, pollution darkened my nostrils, mosquitoes feasted on my leg, and the stench of the city penetrated deep into the fibers of my clothing. Any Westerner would experience this discomfort with a visit to Chennai, but this is […]