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Weird just happened – a unpredictable 2011 in retrospect

Dear Internet, I’ve been horrible, saying I’m going to write and then rarely following through. And it’s not for lack of noteworthy developments; this was an unbelievably unpredictable and diverse 2011, with certain promise of continuation in 2012. Upon returning to Indiana this holiday season, to a world so different from my working one, I […]

Let’s Speak Haitian Creole!

My first language post arose from a desire to document and transmit the full experience of being in a relatively unknown culture: tribal Fiji. I didn’t expect many people to find such a write-up relevant, but it dawned on me after hundreds of hits that lesser-known languages need some limelight, too. One could travel to […]

Andrew Zimmern and the Transformative Power of Travel

I’ve been a big time fan of Big Tony B. since the No Reservations series began in 2005. His approach to travel television and subjective, experiential authenticity abroad felt so relevant amidst a sea of market-y documentation. His conceptual thread continues to be pretty darn obvious, which makes it easy to instantly jump on the […]

Q&A: The truth about Semester at Sea

Send in your questions, too! Hi Lindsay, I have just been accepted by SAS for the Spring 2011 voyage, and I randomly chanced upon your website. I am currently having a hard time trying to decide between a Semester at Sea program and a study abroad program in Berlin. I know they sound very different, but I […]

Jobs for world travelers: TV host in paradise

I know many of you amongst the Nomadderwhere readership jumped on board after seeing the World Traveler Internship. A year after my WTI, I still receive messages from people in search of such great opportunities in the travel world or wondering how to snag such jobs that require some online savvy and marketing know-how. Therefore, […]

Q&A: Grooming for the World Traveler Internship

Q&A is a new series on Nomadderwhere that uses questions posed by readers and commentators to address topics of travel, alternative lifestyle design, blogging, and other interests. You can expect this series one or two Saturdays a month right here on To send in your questions, contact me or send me a link to your […]

This year’s popular posts

I’m very happy to report Nomadderwhere has come a long way since this time last year, when I moved from a simple blogspot to a bonafide domain of my own. Since that time I’ve changed my writing style and topics, grown a readership of surprisingly many (thanks to you), won the most amazing internship known […]

Am I a Cultural Imperialist?

I got on a bright yellow bus with “Awesome” scrolled along the side of its body. I lined up behind rolling suitcases, backpacks and wide-brimmed hats to book a ticket to the islands. I arrived to five resort employees singing a Fijian welcoming song, somewhat half-heartedly. A tourist I became after months of being on […]

Rights vs. Blame

I anticipate this topic sparking some vocalization from my normally docile reading crowd, but I want to bring it up as it bothered me during my last week in Fiji. Freshly departed from all Nakavika affiliations, I sat atop a barstool for seven hours at Uprising, telling friends and barmen my stories from the Highlands […]

Video of the Week: Elias’ Funeral

A 45 year-old man died of a heart attack at the top of the hill near Namando river. The village was hit hard, especially his widow and eight children. The entire week was a blur of death, rain and sadness. Experience with us a Fijian funeral in the highlands… Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via RSS […]

Let’s Speak Fijian!

Though I feel it’s probably a required ingredient to the “good global citizen” recipe, I don’t think I’ll ever be truly bi-lingual. Darn tootin’, wouldn’t that be wonderful? I just don’t think I have the stamina to only concentrate on one culture at a time. As my pseudonym suggests, I gotta keep moving. Instead, my […]

The Birth of The Nakavika Project, Part 1

One moment I was reading and reviewing travel narratives, inquiring tweeters about road trips and the next moment, I had tickets booked. Where did this new trip come from, and how did Garrett and I develop The Nakavika Project out of thin air? The Lingering Possibility Since I left the village in Fiji on June […]

Ten Great Ideas for Chicago

I traveled with my parents recently to Chicago, Illinois for a week of displacement and the entertainment that ensues. My time was enjoyable and low key, full of new discoveries and ample free wifi time at Borders for work. I thought I would share some of the things that made this trip stellar. Here are […]

Interview a traveler: the ski-crazy humanitarian

He’s conquered the slopes of Vermont and explored 23 countries across the globe. He’s got the amazing ability to befriend anyone and has committed the next three years of his life to working for others. Let’s check him out. Garrett Russell is one of my favorite travel buddies and my partner on the Nakavika Project. […]

Cruises, Destination and the Authentic

I have very mixed emotions about cruise travel. There’s the old side of me that remembers fantastic family vacations at resorts and on cruises, memories caked with the residue of absolute joy. And there’s the new side, the backpacker side, which silently writhes and struggles in the wake of “money travel” and the foreign concept […]

A Backpacker’s Guide to Cruises

For some, this title is ironic, polarizing, an oxy moron, a moot point. Backpackers don’t cruise, are you kidding me? Gasp – cough – lean against a wall in disbelief… I think backpacking is a mindset as well as an art form exhibited in the travel arena. What happens if Grammy wants the whole family […]

Reviewing Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild

Jon Krakauer is the reason I traveled to India in 2008 to see the Himalayan mountains. Into Thin Air was a personal account of a terrible occurrence on Mount Everest that for some reason led me to adore and venerate the world’s ability to form this mountain range. So before I even picked up its […]

The Irony of my Lifestyle, Part 1

Sometimes it’s a mind clarifier to point out the inaccuracies in your own life – that blend of irony and confusion that makes up your unique mindset. Bottom line: I’m all confused. You probably are too. Let’s talk amongst ourselves… Carpe Dimes and Nickels Since I returned from a round-the-world trip on August 17th, I’ve […]

The Makings of a Travel Video

It’s quite possible that in the next couple of months, I’ll be approached by online strangers wanting to know the inside scoop on the World Traveler Internship. I know this will happen because I did the exact same thing for the last two years. And though I’ve tried to describe the application process to those […]

Street Smarts: Transport Scams

Walking around India with glowing blonde hair, parachute pants, and the backpack/daypack humpback/pregnant belly combo is a sure-fire way to indicate, “I’m not from around here.” What does this mean to the rickshaws slowly following your swagger or the cyclists hoping you’ll turn around and want their transport services? Some might see an honest service […]

What is Nomadderwhere?

A nomad moves and continues to flex their idea of home and comfort. A nomad doesn’t settle on one way of thinking or one surrounding. It’s a lifestyle of adaptation and life-long learning.

Things I didn’t know before coming to Greece

Little old Greek ladies take queueing seriously by using their elbows and body weight The beaches are sometimes difficult to reach on the islands and most are clothing-optional You can’t flush paper down toilets on the islands

Plummeting towards Earth: Day 51

Adrenalin junkies. Sometimes it seems like its a requirement to be heavily inked, fully pierced, leather-skinned, and a big fan of phrases like “that was so sick”, “unreal, man”, and “aw, dude, I’ve heard about that jump –it looks so ill!” These guys and gals flock to freefalls, half pipes, and semi-dangerous situations around the […]

Sometimes while on the road…you miss out

Spiders with glowing orange backs crawling inches from my nose, building forts across the rock ledge where I sprawled to overlook a 30-foot waterfall. A canopy of greens I’d never see at home shading from a sun that could surely turn me crispy. One rock thrown over the edge to crash dramatically on the mammoth […]

My Brush with Controversial Cambodia: Day 189

There’s such a thing as a hostess bar in Cambodia. It’s an establishment that offers libations, snacks, and the most salient feature of spry, young Cambodian women, available for modest companionship and eye candy. With such a gag-evoking reality of child prostitution and sex tourism in this country already scarred with unfathomable [recent] history, I […]

My Friend, Evan Witty

There are a couple reasons why I’ve chosen to live my life the way that I do. The unpredictable coming of death is a major determining factor that leaves me feeling helpless to the forces of nature. When traveling to distant lands and seeking adventure make us more vulnerable to risk and danger, but statistics […]