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Q&A: The truth about Semester at Sea

Send in your questions, too! Hi Lindsay, I have just been accepted by SAS for the Spring 2011 voyage, and I randomly chanced upon your website. I am currently having a hard time trying to decide between a Semester at Sea program and a study abroad program in Berlin. I know they sound very different, but I […]

Q&A: Easing parental worries about travel

Q&A is a series that uses questions posed by readers and commentators to address topics of travel, alternative lifestyle design, blogging, and other interests. You can expect to see this series one or two Saturdays a month right here on To send in your questions, contact me! This summer I was planning on doing […]

Interview two travelers: the 2010 World Traveling Interns

They braved months of an extensive application process. They beat out thousands of fellow travelers and competitors to hold the coveted title of World Traveler Intern. They’ve never met. Let’s check them out. It’s no mystery why I’m intrigued by these two travelers. And especially since they’ll be taking off tomorrow, all the more perfect […]

Nomadderwhere is on

Nomadderwhere is a wee, yet passionate, travel website for those looking for inspiration, advice or conversation. However, today marks the day 2 of spreading the NMW love across the internet via a fantastic resource called: David Lee, editor and long-term independent traveler, will be posting some of my travel stories in the coming weeks, […]

My Final Solo Hour: Day 203

The following rant was produced during a final purging session in the Honolulu airport. These are quite raw thoughts from a mind coming down from a solo RTW at a very early and confused age… It’s been far too easy to accept being around people I know, spending money that’s not mine in amounts unjustified, sleeping […]

Back on Home Turf: Day 202

I left Tokyo in the evening of November 17th…and then I arrived on the morning of November 17th after flying halfway across the world’s most expansive ocean. Time travel can really trip you out, if you allow those thoughts to infiltrate your over-stimulated senses. I landed and immediately started making phone calls, thanks to the […]

The Sweet Old Men of Tokyo: Day 197

One of the things I feared most about this trip was the transition from away to returned. One world to another. I’m talking culture shock, my friends. That nasty bugger has gotten me once in a nasty way, and I really didn’t want it to happen again. This feeling of anger towards one’s home and […]

Healing the Sniffles in Bangkok: Day 194

A cold front came through my immune system, and I felt an incredible amount of “build-up” form in my throat and nose. Delicious. Throughout the bus ride from Phnom Penh to Bangkok, I attempted to sleep off the imminent sickness, knowing I wouldn’t get to shut my eyes until at least 6 or 7am the […]

Hey, That’s My Leg You Ran Over: Day 192

On this final night in Cambodia, I adorned my trekking shoes for the first time in weeks and chaperoned an excursion to Phnom Penh’s Water Festival near the river. I missed the main events of boating and races during the day, but the locals spoke of crowds that would stop traffic, which I was eager […]

Chicken and Clams, Partying Khmer Style: Day 191

After seeing a film about orphans in northern Uganda, my parents felt moved to donate funds for the kids at Palm Tree. For about two weeks, I asked the administrators, teachers, and Evan what was lacking there or what needed additional funding to occur on the ground level. As the days passed, my interest in […]

The Cheap Battle Against Scurvy: Day 190

After ten days of teaching in classrooms, drawing cartoons, tutoring English, pushing swings, riding bikes too small for me, picking up from school, playing in the rain and watching TV while intertwined in a human pile, I finally felt comfortable taking my camera out of my room and clicking photographs of the kids I lived […]

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today, this began. I’m thinking back to the all-nighter I pulled before I guzzled a glass of micro-nutrient drink, piled my bags into the car, and left out of the old (and now non-existent) Indianapolis Airport for Milan, Italy. I’m sad and happy and all sorts of amazed. How on Earth did […]

The Transition to Useful: Day 187

As often as one would see a road sign or a mailbox on the highway in America, in Cambodia, one sees the reoccurrence of signage displaying political loyalty: Cambodian People’s Party, Funcinpec, and oodles others adorning the mouths of people’s driveways. Besides these brilliant blue beacons, all the world is green. Families construct roadside eateries […]

Angkor Thoughts Anchor Awe: Day 180

My hair fluttered in the wind on the back of the hired tuk-tuk. Driving twelve kilometers into the Angkor jungles, the amazing Cambodian air was cool and luscious, yet upon stopping it instantly created a “stick” factor that made me look freshly emerged from a pool. I even wore my Bayern Munchen soccer jersey in […]

Diwali in Transit: Day 178

From Darjeeling to Kolkata, Diwali erupted in my wake. Descending the staircase of Hotel New Vaisali, my working boys were in the process of hanging strands of orange and yellow flowers over the entrance to the lobby, taking as much care in the presentation as they would placing a fallen baby bird back in its […]

This is Why I Travel: Day 174

BANG! POW! CRACK! These are not the captions of a Marvel comic but the sounds that reverberated off the walls in my all-marble hotel. They were unexpected, oddly timed during the day, and seemingly arbitrary in the grand scheme of normal life in Darjeeling, India. I had no idea why the boys that worked in […]

When It’s Right, Let it Simmer: Day 172

Alice Villa and her crew kicked me out with a smile and a tear. My beloved guesthouse was overbooked, and my sorry load needed to relocate for the remainder of my mountain adventure. It was a bittersweet parting with an establishment that saved me from extreme bowel distress, gave me food and impeccable shelter, and […]

The Best Part of Wakin’ Up: Day 171

COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE Smile and decline. COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE CHAAAAAAAI I wasn’t tired. Yes, I woke up at 3:30am and ran through the echoing city of Darjeeling in the bare cold of her film noir-esque pre-dawn. Yes, I jumped in a stranger’s jeep, gave him two dollars, and […]

A Dumpling with a View: Day 170

I wrote these thoughts while on the “road”… “A nervous dog pacing for a good, sunny, uncrowded spot to bathe and relax A little boy snorting and scaring girls (including me) to impress his buddy between swings on the monkey bars Old women with elephant wrinkles thumbing 109 prayer beads” This “road” could have be […]

Finding melodies in malady: Day 168

I barely slept on the night train and eventually took a seat at the window, once the sleeper car had become alive again. The atmosphere outside infiltrated my senses with green, cool, and an absence of the decay of Delhi and Agra. In those few early moments, I had a breakfast of rural fulfillment. I […]

Breaking News: Polos Invade Top Mughal Tomb: Day 165

On a trip dripping with solitude, I surprisingly felt very little in terms of personal, all-encompassing, heavy-hearted loneliness. Although, those rare times [when I did feel the weight] were compressed into quick moments that were scattered at key points on the trip. New beginning moments. Big change moments. To strap on my backpack and walk […]

Trek to the Tropical Tundra: Day 162

No blood was shed. The curfew worked. We strapped the chickens on board and waded in fresh puddles to the jeep. Over my dynamite Kashmiri bread breakfast earlier, I felt the boat sway and new voices bounce off the water. Mohamed crawled out of the flashy water taxi, the Parisian movie director a new arrival […]

Too Much Thinkin': Day 153

I may have made a truly horrifying decision, pushed by the approach of an immediate journey, the desire to part with the urban jungle; the work of three assuring and ambiguously generous salesmen along with the back-up by happy Western customers…my gosh, who knows why I flew to Kashmir. It’s a thrill I normally find […]

Welcome to the Himalayas: Day 152

Indiana is not a place where you need to worry about gripping the purse at your side or walking cautiously to your car at night with mase at the ready. This lack of high thrills and danger may be one reason why some say it’s a boring place to live. In fact, I think it’s […]

Why I Hate the Indian Bureaucracy: Day 149

The shower was near scalding a heat that leaves your skin itching for more harsh comfort but it was the hottest I’ve had in weeks and it stayed that way I steamed out the biters encircling my naked frame my arms radiated like dry ice It’s the signal of a shift, a baptism and wash […]

A Mzungu in the Midst: Day 92

I am in Africa. This is a place I fear describing inaccurately, so I’m sure to include every miniscule moment that step by step adds to the magnitude of my awe and wonder of its certain and sometimes masked beauty. I will begin with the flight, the trip from Rome to Doha…a gorgeously luxurious flight […]

My Traveltude is Pickling: Day 34

There are very few places on this Earth more beautiful Croatia’s islands, particularly that of Brac. Thanks to Stjepan’s suggestions, we knew exactly how to maximize our time in this wonderland: with scooters! Driving along the coast, we felt waves of heat in the sun and refreshing cool under the trees. Bugs slapped our arms, […]

Rome on Two Wheels: Day 15

Every once in a while, parents forget how old their children truly are and all the times they’ve proven themselves responsible. After being denied the chance to experience a dance club in Florence or even a small pub in a Tuscan hill town, my brother, his wife and I (ages 27, 28 and 22 respectively) […]

Baggy-Eyed in the US of A

It is 1:40 a.m. in Indianapolis, Indiana. I have so few hours left in this house, in this state, and on this side of the globe. It’s unfathomable, the intensity of these last few hours. I’m hardly nervous or even realizing what’s going on. Mom is asleep beside me, curled up like a cold little […]