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I want to teach under a bodhi tree.

Regardless of the reasons why it didn’t happen, I know what I want: engaged students every step of the way. That investment in time must provide me immediate return, onto which I can bank that long term effects are plausible. I am building daily on a blueprint created many years ago, when a long trip provided me a clear life goal. Of course, I also must find ways to steady my mood and know I cannot control all the variables that allow a student to be an engaged one.

How an e-mail scored me another travel gig

I’ve been vague for months about what I do now. This is the long-alluded-to explanation of my new employment and how I got it. In this evolving career of mine, I’ve taken many different tactics to attracting and pursuing jobs. I’ve ‘dressed for the job I wanted’ by creating the content I like to make, […]

The First and Last School Visit: Day 59

Last I left the tales of this Fijian adventure, there was a major event that happened – one which led us to doubt the possibility of our project coming to be. After issues were resolved (in the eyes of the elders), we asked the Turaga ni Koro (village spokesman) to hook us up with a ride […]

Video of the Week: A Fijian School Morning

One of our last mornings in the village, we awoke early to join the kids at school, helping them brush their teeth and watching their military-esque line-up and discipline hour. Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via RSS feed or e-mail

Tooty in the Classroom: Day 23

This post was syndicated to Semester at Sea’s Shipmates publication for a new column called “My Life at Sea.” As if every day isn’t a remarkable gift, I experienced something today that had me choking back tears from unfathomable intensity. Today, I slept through class due to an unknown time zone change and punished myself […]