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Q&A: Field trips vs. independent travel on SAS

I think there’s merit in going on a field trip (or field programs, used to be FTPs in my day) in the first location, because–as cliques form quickly–you can meet random new people and create relationships with many people from the get-go. I did a quick trip to El Yunque rainforest in Puerto Rico, and this pulled together some adventure-loving travelers who were excited to get their new hiking boots dirty.

Q&A: going solo on Semester at Sea and other Q’s

Send in your questions, too! First of all, I want to start out by saying this is awesome you have set this up. I want to do Semester at Sea, but I just don’t know much about it to sign up quite yet! Here are some my questions: Summer or spring? Is 100 days too […]

Q&A: Easing parental worries about travel

Q&A is a series that uses questions posed by readers and commentators to address topics of travel, alternative lifestyle design, blogging, and other interests. You can expect to see this series one or two Saturdays a month right here on To send in your questions, contact me! This summer I was planning on doing […]

Consume & Update: Women Travelers, Thai Protestors, and April

This is the third time I’ve written this post. Maybe I should draft these in notepad first…oh well, here’s this week’s reading material! What All Women Travelers Should Know I often forget the rare instances when I’m harassed or blatantly violated because I am a woman while traveling, because it’s never the intention of a […]

Q&A: Traveling alone

How do you travel and backpack without having a security net at all times? Is it courage? Do you need backpacking friends? Did you do it on your own? I ask because this is something I only dream of doing, and if I could receive advice or information from someone that’s been there and back, I would be eternally grateful.

The Terror of the Tung: Day 73

I left off last in my adventures listening to Led Zeppelin with one headphone in my left and the other in the right of the toothless old man next to me (read the lead-up to this story in Flashbacks of Nam). After convincing all the men on board that my iPod was not for sale, […]

Flashbacks of Nam: Day 71

Tears dropped with the rain this morning as the words “Port of Kobe” came into clear focus. A brass band resonated off our approaching ship from the dock, and the faculty found some early morning giggles by marching to the beat. I, on the other hand, felt static and confused with the impending implications of […]