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Assume the world wants you to take risks, keep learning, and do what you love

Arriving at the bus terminal, I turned right back around and got on the Portliner train to try and get as close to the ship as possible. Having not traveled with my passport, and knowing the insanely tight restrictions on boarding, I knew there was no chance of talking my way on as a nostalgic alumna. As I rolled closer, I snapped pic after pic of increasingly higher quality until I found myself face-to-bow with my former nautical home.

There are many reasons why SASers develop a lifelong love of the program and the vessel. For me, Semester at Sea changed the whole course of my life. I don’t know who I would have become without my round-the-world voyage in 2007. I certainly wouldn’t have met Garrett and Alexis, wouldn’t have felt strong enough to take my Big Journey, wouldn’t have aspired for the STA internship, and wouldn’t have landed in Japan today with my job at THINK Global School.

Consume & Update: making it count, making good art & making it home

I’ve finally stopped moving for a while. Want to see what I’ve found as of lately? World travel on Nike’s dime Nike made a new product that basically detects energy expended (a.k.a. Nike Fuel) throughout your typical, active day, and with this new product comes an intense online marketing campaign called #makeitcount. This video, created […]

Video of the Week: Dune Bashing in Dubai

There are still many videos from the World Traveler Internship I haven’t featured in this weekly series. Dubai is no longer one of them. Don’t forget to dune bash on your next journey to the Middle East. You can also watch this video on YouTube. Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via RSS feed or e-mail

Video of the Week: The Oz Experience

Surprisingly, I have yet to feature some of my World Traveler Intern videos as videos of the week! Wouldn’t dare deprive you of these joys. You can always watch this video on YouTube. [I’m still on vacation and cranking out work for’s Mexico launch; hence, the lack of new material. However, I do have […]

Interview two travelers: the 2010 World Traveling Interns

They braved months of an extensive application process. They beat out thousands of fellow travelers and competitors to hold the coveted title of World Traveler Intern. They’ve never met. Let’s check them out. It’s no mystery why I’m intrigued by these two travelers. And especially since they’ll be taking off tomorrow, all the more perfect […]

Video of the Week: The World Traveler Intern-view

Along with my congratulations, I sent the fresh new World Traveler Interns a request for an interview before they took off around the world this summer. I wasn’t sure what angle I wanted to take it in, nor what kind of humor it would exhibit, but what came out was simply hilarious. I sent questions […]

When Your Dreams Play Hard-To-Get

This post was written by Annie Leroux. I have wanted to apply for the STA World Traveler Internship for three years, but my timing was never right, until 2010. And when the application process commenced, my wall soon covered in post-it notes full of my constantly evolving ideas. I didn’t sleep for days. After submitting […]

Q&A: Grooming for the World Traveler Internship

Q&A is a new series on Nomadderwhere that uses questions posed by readers and commentators to address topics of travel, alternative lifestyle design, blogging, and other interests. You can expect this series one or two Saturdays a month right here on To send in your questions, contact me or send me a link to your […]

Consume & Update: The Visual Edition

Prepare yourself for a very visual-centric post today. Perfect if you went to a horse race yesterday and are a wee bit feeble this morning. Gastropalooza: Indian Style An eclectic video on Indian street food that will either make you hungry, want to go to India, have a headache, or think a musical pig is […]

Video of the Week: Fiji is Paradise

Since we didn’t have time to publish our NP video this week, we didn’t want you to go through withdrawal from Nakavika. This video was made on the World Traveler Internship this summer in the same location we are in right now! Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via RSS feed or e-mail

Video of the Week: Cooking Old School in Fiji

Here’s but a taste of the good times to be had in Nakavika. This video was made on the World Traveler Internship this summer in the same location we are right now! Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via RSS feed or e-mail

Video of the Week: World Traveler Intern Highlights

One of my least favorite questions to answer is “What was your favorite part?” Slimming down a trip into the best moments leaves out all the thrills in between and the trip’s entirety as a journey, which amplifies the highlights even more. The experience of the World Traveler Internship had an obvious highlight for me: […]

The Makings of a Travel Video

It’s quite possible that in the next couple of months, I’ll be approached by online strangers wanting to know the inside scoop on the World Traveler Internship. I know this will happen because I did the exact same thing for the last two years. And though I’ve tried to describe the application process to those […]

Video of the Week: Ireland

I know you’re just burning to know the blogs behind this video, so just click here to check them out. Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts

Video of the Week: Ireland on a Budget

Stay in hostels with free internet. Buy food to cook in the kitchen. Save your money for the pints of Guinness and ice cream you know you want. Occasionally have a pub meal, but remember all the things you can buy with a 20 Euro restaurant bill. And always be on the look-out for fun, […]

Collaborating with the World Traveler Internship

On April 11th, I extended the opportunity for those interested to have a hand in the Internship, to collaborate, for the nature of the program is not to give someone a free trip around the world but to relate to the viewing community and charge their spirits to explore. Therefore, it was essential that I […]

Video of the Week: Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The Fringe festival in Edinburgh has an atmosphere that would tantalize any arty, expressy person in this world. Constant performances in hundreds of venues. Street performers clogging the main thoroughfares. It’s a grand ambiance and worth visiting over and over again. If only I had more time to do this festival justice. Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s […]

Finding Purpose in Culture Shock

I never really know how my travel experiences have affected me until I return to my starting point: home. Flying through various destinations and worrying about logistics sometimes takes away the mind’s energy to process what it’s witnessed until it’s back on familiar soil. And since each trip is different, every time I return home, […]

Hey, Ireland, Nice Craic! Day 75

“Nice craic” Why, thank you! This phrase took me some time to understand. This wasn’t a severely misspelled compliment towards my derriere but a charming little catch phrase about good times in Ireland. Having a blast at a pub, cheers-ing to good friends, good Guinness, and swaying to the pipe of a Irish folk musician? […]

Video of the Week: Scotland

She’s certainly hard to describe, but I’ve done so right here with my blogs on Scotland! Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via RSS feed or e-mail

Where are all the Dubliners? Day 70

Some Irishmen say Dublin is not a city that reflects the true Irish mentality. “I’ve lived there for years before, but it’s never been a home to me,” said one of the Irish ladies I met on the internship. It’s definitely got its touristy areas that overcharge and manufacture “authenticity,” and these areas can become […]

The Love of the Irish

I once loved Lucky Charms cereal. Back in the day, my mom would only purchase whole grain, non-sugary cereals for our morning bowls, so I would pounce at the chance to grab that box packed with clover and rainbow marshmallows at friend’s houses. That leprechaun really hypnotized me with his marketing schpeal. They really were […]

Video of the Week: Greece

To read my blogs from Greece, click here. Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via RSS feed or e-mail

Wild and Sexy Scotland: Day 68

We bolted for the Highlands. There was no stopping us. The bright yellow tour bus resembled the Coors Light Silver Bullet Train in my mind as it streamed like a beast across very green and steadily growing hills. When there was a need to stretch the legs, we stopped in a town that brings to […]

Deep Scottish Love: Day 67

I owe my desire to romp in the Scottish Highlands to one Mr. Bear Grylls. Watching him parachute into the rolling terrain and crunch through icy grass got me all sorts of giddy to do those things myself. So when I heard we were darting around the Highlands via bus tour during Scotland’s best weather […]

Video of the Week: A Day in Santorini

If you’d like to read my blog on this day in Santorini, by all means, enjoy. Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts

Free Nessie! Day 66

Would you take me seriously if I told you I believe in Nessie, the Loch Ness monster? Crazy thing is I actually think I do. At least the old sailor on our boat trip made it very easy to imagine such a creature existed below us in those deep and murky waters of Scotland. A […]

Edinburgh Charms: Day 65

Stepping outside after dropping my dirty and travel-worn bags, I noticed the cobblestones, the old building fronts, the charm that draws you in immediately without the need for double decker bus tours or guided walks following a man holding a yellow umbrella. Edinburgh is a city that makes you yearn not to be a tourist. […]

Video of the Week: Awesome South Africa

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Things I didn’t know before coming to Greece

Little old Greek ladies take queueing seriously by using their elbows and body weight The beaches are sometimes difficult to reach on the islands and most are clothing-optional You can’t flush paper down toilets on the islands

Sick as a Donkey: Day 61

Holy mackerel, Mykonos ripped my body apart and threw it to the seagulls. With every passing minute on the ferry, my head swirled against the motions of the waves and filled with pain. My cough was extreme. I went through three toilet rolls blowing my nose dry. And it’s so sad, when your body becomes […]

The Reason for Red Bull: Day 59

The word “Mykonos” causes some people to involuntarily pump their fist and bite their lip with anticipation, knee jerk reactions to the thoughts of staying up until brunch time having cocktails while dancing on flashing platforms in your weekend best. My grandma body sighed at the sound of “Mykonos” knowing fully well it could not […]

An Island I Can Handle: Day 57

Weee! A beach! A warm beach! Without jellyfish, sharks, or boiling outdoor temperatures! The Greek islands were calling me while I was still preparing for the trip in America. Every island the ferry passed was a tease until we finally slowed and reversed into the port for Paros. Oh, sweet breezes and salty air! We […]

Clicking with Athens: Day 53

I love Italy; therefore, I always thought I’d love Greece. It’s easy to lump them together as Southern Europe/Mediterranean countries and call them similar cultures since they both claim responsibility for civilization as we know it. Ah, but driving into Athens, observing the surrounding barren hills, passing by the various eateries, hearing a language so […]

Cape Town and Garden Route Photos

South Africa is gorgeous through the eye and the lens. Read my blogs on South Africa for a little more detail. Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts.

South Africa made easy with the Garden Route

Africa is like a really big trail map. Cairo to Cape Town. Malaga to Douala. Nairobi to Victoria Falls. Tour companies and travelers alike have realized that those who make it to Africa are there to spend some time and see a good lot of incredible sights. You won’t meet many people who travel to […]

Plummeting towards Earth: Day 51

Adrenalin junkies. Sometimes it seems like its a requirement to be heavily inked, fully pierced, leather-skinned, and a big fan of phrases like “that was so sick”, “unreal, man”, and “aw, dude, I’ve heard about that jump –it looks so ill!” These guys and gals flock to freefalls, half pipes, and semi-dangerous situations around the […]

Sometimes while on the road…you miss out

Spiders with glowing orange backs crawling inches from my nose, building forts across the rock ledge where I sprawled to overlook a 30-foot waterfall. A canopy of greens I’d never see at home shading from a sun that could surely turn me crispy. One rock thrown over the edge to crash dramatically on the mammoth […]

Cage Diving with Sharks, Recommended: Day 48

About six weeks prior, I had trouble jumping off a 12 meter cliff into beautiful teal waters. I danced nervously atop a rocky precipice and looked to the skies to counteract the damage done from staring at the water below. But for some reason, I had absolutely no trouble throwing a lead weight around my […]

Stay classy, Stellenbosch: Day 47

Wine Tasting: a classy concept that seems to inspire smarter ensembles, a listening ear, a more discernible palate than one actually has. I’ve gone wine tasting three times in my life. The first time was in Napa Valley after Semester at Sea. I was in culture shock and missing my new friends, so I got […]

Hiking up and Giggling Down Table Mountain: Day 46

I didn’t know where Table Mountain was (nor that it existed) until I pulled up to Cape Town harbor and saw her silhouette. That first sight of her was the kind that solidifies a mystical attachment and constant amazement that becomes evident in random dreams days and years later. And since that first sighting I’ve […]

No Tour in SA? Gasp!

Have you been keeping up with our WTI journey? Yes or No. If the answer is yes, you’ve aced today’s coolness test. It’s based on hundreds of factors developed by brilliant scientists in order to accurately determine someone’s personal awesomeness level. If you answered no, you can’t possibly have less internet access than we have, […]

Painting and Playing all day long: Day 45

There’s nothing louder and simultaneously as comforting as rain on a tin roof, even during monsoons. This must be what makes the Cape Town area look so clear, clean, and lush. And surely, when we emerged from our rooms that second day in False Bay, the world was dripping and new.

No need to cry, kitty…there’s TEARS

The barking from TEARS reverberates across the entirety of Masiphumalele daily, but what’s represented by those sounds make the annoyance of constant dog yelping kinda comforting. The Emma Animal Rescue Society takes stray animals as well as domestic pets from the local communities for vaccinations, fixing, and disease treatment at a price that no one […]

Getting our Backs into it: Day 44

I looked at i-to-i a while back when I was weighing my post-graduation opportunities. My trouble with volunteer projects though is always that I’m not sure whether my presence will be accepted, appreciated, and utilized for the maximum amount of assistance I can provide. Sometimes you show up, and it’s pretty obvious a project is […]

Wonderful Cape Town: Day 43

Are you aware of the seven natural wonders of the world? No? Perfect, because I’m about to list them off: Victoria Falls in Zambia/Zimbabwe Mt. Everest in Nepal/China The Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA The Great Barrier Reef off Australia The Northern Lights Paricutin Volcano in Mexico The Harbor of Rio de Janiero Do you […]

Animals All Up in your Computer Screen

Just because I like to show off nature…and if you’d like to read about East Africa, don’t even think about hesitating! Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts.

The East African Safari Experience: Day 36-42

You’ve just flown thousands of miles across massive oceans and expanses of land. You’ve had too many airport transfers to bother remembering. Those weren’t cheap tickets or easy transit days. But you came to relive those deeply rooted Lion King fantasies from your childhood and by golly you’ll do anything to make those happen!

Nairobi at Night

I tried one more time. Nairobi at night. This time with the help of two GAP guides, one being my future leader across Tanzania and the game reserves. They escorted me back to Ranalo Foods to educated this rusty mind on eating with your hands in East Africa.

Take my Taxes and Bribes but not my Smiles: Day 35

I made a friend while lounging at the hotel pool, Samuel, who comes from Kenya and beams with helpful information for the interested tourist. Since I feel like I’m cheating or lazy to only hang out at my hotel when abroad, I used his knowledge to develop a safe plan to see the city. Good […]