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Q&A: The truth about Semester at Sea

Send in your questions, too! Hi Lindsay, I have just been accepted by SAS for the Spring 2011 voyage, and I randomly chanced upon your website. I am currently having a hard time trying to decide between a Semester at Sea program and a study abroad program in Berlin. I know they sound very different, but I […]

Tido Knows What’s Up. Africa! Day 33

I fear the worst has happened. As we sit here bunkering off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa, with the entire skyline in view, I cannot begin to summon up my most exciting and memorable experiences into a simple Word document. I am accustomed to and comfortable with the unfathomable, the exotic, the unique […]

Fruition: Day 1

I’m sinking into my shipboard bed (wow, no pun intended), and I can believe it. About two feet from my head is the open sea: crashing waves, gluttonous sharks, monstrous whales, and probably a good handful of shipwrecked boats. That’s scary to think about considering I am going to be on this vessel for the […]

Sun-burnt and Smilin: Day 3

I’m in the Bahamas. The sun is hot, and the beach is perfect. You are studying/working/roughing it in 10 degree weather. Don’t hate me. Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via RSS feed or e-mail

I Get Numb Thumbs for the Kids

Now the countdown is T minus 2 days until we get Allison buzzed and set her on the plane for the family vacation preceding the grand voyage (pronounced with a faux-french accent). New news…I make wonderful banana pancakes (Jack Johnson would be proud) for my daughters and my sicky bio-mama, I have developed a lovely […]

…aaaand I’m sick again

Man, when the girls from Wabash get together, mayhem ensues. When the Colts go to the Super Bowl, I lose my voice but keep going. But when I babysit for two kids that have me pulling my hair out, my body finally takes a beating. And now I am drinking my food through a straw […]

T minus 21 Days

My days consist of checking the New York Times for any countries from my itinerary, watching previous SAS voyagers’ videos on, researching trips and adventures online, and watching TV with my cat at night, soaking in the last morsels of home life before I sail away. There is no way to prepare myself for […]