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Reunited with the Fiji of my dreams in the markets of Suva

I reacted in amazement before the information reached my brain: Siteri was standing in front of me…at the market in Suva…spotted me the moment I arrived with no other knowledge than my flight time. I guess I could have anticipated this crossing of paths in retrospect, because we had been connecting on Facebook, little blue lines coming onto my screen from a dream I once had. Regardless of the plausibility of the chance encounter, I was now face-to-face with tangible evidence of my long and confusing stint in Fiji, a time I still chew on in my mind for more clarity and takeaways. Her name is Siteri, and she is my umbilical cord to Nakavika.

Standing on Shipwrecks and Witnessing Another: Day 69

We awoke in Suva, breathing in fresh the air of no obligation, feeling the tenacious pain of our misguided attempts, and knowing a change would soon come to our group. I broke off from Garrett and Jackie in the morning to visit the village carrier, as Abel and Daiana were navigating to the coast to […]

Instant Withdrawal from the Kids: Day 63

One side of the sky was navy blue and brilliant with stars and a succulent moon; the other side hinted at the curvature of the globe with shades of pink. The dew making my feet squeak in my flip-flops mirrored the moisture on my eyelids. There wasn’t a wavering thought in our minds about returning […]

Breaking Away to Rakiraki: Day 26

I’m up before the crack of dawn. My family is enjoying Christmas brunch. I’m a pack mule walking a kilometer down the rocky road toward a bald cavern – one that I must then traverse. My niece is probably opening her first present from Santa (or at least watching since her motor skills aren’t Olympic […]

Video of the Week: Leaving the Village

Remembering our last two days in Fiji together as we left Nakavika and The Nakavika Project – gathering supplies in Suva and spending our last hours together. Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via RSS feed or e-mail

Video of the Week: The Dreaded Infection

After seeing three year-olds throw nails around the village for weeks, we finally saw that which we were anticipating with worried brow: someone stepped on a nail…and that unfortunately fellow was Garrett. Subscribe to Nomadderwhere’s posts via RSS feed or e-mail