Favorite Cities on Earth

  1. Florence, Italy
  2. Cape Town, South Africa
  3. Rome, Italy
  4. Copenhagen, Denmark
  5. Edinburgh, Scotland
  6. Chicago, United States of America
  7. Berlin, Germany
  8. Krakov, Poland
  9. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  10. Luang Prabang, Laos

Favorite Towns on Earth

  1. Darjeeling, India
  2. Jinja and Bujagali Falls, Uganda
  3. Spoleto, Italy
  4. Nakavika, Fiji
  5. Nungwi, Zanzibar, Tanzania
  6. Srinagar, Kashmir, India
  7. Delft, Holland
  8. Ebeltoft, Denmark
  9. Split, Croatia
  10. Lijang, China

Favorite Countries on Earth

  1. Italy
  2. Uganda
  3. Croatia
  4. Cambodia
  5. India
  6. Fiji
  7. Brazil
  8. USA
  9. Vietnam
  10. Japan

Lifestyle favorites around the world

  1. Croatia's cafe culture and streets lined with tables, chairs, and seated observers...and the naturist beaches
  2. Germany's beer gardens and the encouragement of Maߟ-sized pilsners
  3. Japan'€™s compulsive cleanliness in conjunction with the common exclamation of "HAI!"
  4. Cambodia's obsession with karaoke music videos of a boy and girl longing for each other
  5. Kashmir's bread and tea and hospitality
  6. Switzerland's infatuation with wearing big boots, wool socks, and walking around with sticks
  7. Holland's dependence on bikes
  8. Italy's production of exquisite wine, tomatoes, olive oil, vinegar, Parmigiano-Reggiano, foccacia, men
  9. Europe'€™s Champions League and its die hard fans
  10. India's food consumption using the lone right bare hand

The unsavory worth witnessing

  1. Ukraine's distaste for smilers and all things cheerful
  2. Delhi belly
  3. China'€™s trend of hawking major loogies regardless or age, gender, or location
  4. India'€™s acceptance of public urination in big cities
  5. Zambia's and Vietnam's use of crepe paper-like toilet tissue in hues of Christmas tree green and bubble gum pink, which upon ripping stretches to thrice the original length and creates an unintentional party in the bathroom stall
  6. Kenya'€™s unflinching and relentless army of flies
  7. The crazy black booger production occurring in all countries/cities, smoggy, dusty or coal-mining
  8. Long drop squat toilets
  9. The smoky, dirty foot smell-infused, non-existent airflow of a Chinese sleeper bus
  10. Prices for anything in Tokyo