The Best of my…

The Best of my Ireland

The Irish
Being surrounded by neon green pastures
The attention to detail applied to Irish beverages
Irish clogging
Every coastal view
Enjoying a good Irish stew in a wee pub in a wee little town filled with traditional Irish music
Irish surfers and their persistence in the face of freezing temperatures
The really moody weather that grows on you
The incredible spectacle that is the Guinness museum and the gravity bar up to
Chatty foreigners who make up the Dublin population

The Best of my Scotland

The sense of humor of the Scottish people
The Highlands, especially Glen Coe and the Isle of Skye
The glorious charm, the mix of the old and the new, the culture and history of Edinburgh
The Fringe Festival
Scotland’s gorgeous weather in August
Looking for Nessie
Sunsets over the Loch Ness
Country drives when the mist and clouds cleared

The Best of my Greece

The blue and white…everything
The Mediterranean climate
Quaint island fishing villages
The Greek sandal and not having to wear heels on cobblestone streets
Athen’s graffiti
Cities with pedestrian streets on hills
All the happy strays

The Best of my South Africa

Table Mountain at sunrise from the Atlantic Ocean
Sky Diving towards Plettenberg Bay
Shark Cage Diving off the coast of Gaains Bay
Township reality checks and sweet people
Having sundowners in Kruger Park watching crocs and elephants
The view from the top of Table Mountain
A Camps Bay steak
Music festivals on Long Street
The coast of the Southern and Indian Oceans filled with whales
Stellenbosch wines and goat cheeses

The Best of Tanzania

The beach bar in Nungwi on the north shore of Zanzibar
Close encounters with cats and massive animals
Descending into Ngorongoro Crater at sunrise
The views of Mt. Kilimanjaro
A Serengeti sunrise
Camping on the beach near Dar es Salaam
Eating with your hands in a small neighborhood food joint
Hearing animals run past your head while sleeping in the tent
Seeing animal kills, feedings, chases through the binoculars
Speaking Swahili with the Tanzanians

The Best of my India

The Himalayas
Befriending witty locals and conversing for hours
Floating in Nageen Lake in Srinagar, taking in the sounds and sights of the mountains
Being alone at the Taj at sunrise
Discovering food gems and not getting sick from it
Sitting on the roadside with a cup of chai all morning
Getting something you want for the right price after loads of successful haggling
Eating with your bare hand
The head bobble
The constant challenging of your own beliefs as to what is truly necessary in life

The Best of my Australia

Waking up early to see Kata Tjuta domes at sunrise
Finding a herd of wild camels
The stars and constellations seen from the Outback
Uluru’s texture and color and the transformation at sunset
Eating kangaroo and crocodile and other uncommon meat dishes
Driving across vast expanses of desert
Taking in Sydney’s Harbor landmarks up close
Taking in Sydney’s Harbor landmarks from the top of the city
Trying Vegemite…oddly

Brushing teeth in morning in Nakavika

The Best of my Fiji

The accepting, open, and hospitable people
The obligatory lounge and relaxation after a meal
Personal kava ceremonies in small villages that involve singing, games, and riddles
The numerous and picturesque waterfalls
The absence of poisonous spiders, deadly snakes, and carnivorous and predatory wild animals
Hiking the interior trails with the occasional forging of beautiful rivers
Jumping off cliffs into teal, clear, cool waters
Eating food straight from the tree, ground, vine, etc.
Delicious, fresh, potable water
The beaches are top notch

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