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WTI Trip Videos

Highlights from the World Traveler Internship.

In search of the Real Ireland…

Want to visit Ireland without purging your wallet? It can be done.

The Fringe festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. I’m going back asap!

Scotland is hard to describe, but I’ll give it a go!

There are two sides to Greece. What do you think they are?

My day mingling with the asses of Santorini, Greece.

There are too many reasons for you to visit South Africa…so quit putting it off!

A little class on a backpacking adventure…Wine tasting!

Hiking up the beauty that is Table Mountain.

The most thrilling 30 seconds of my life.

Giving you some information on how to get your Lion King dreams answered.

Let me tell ya what to do in Dubai. Dune Bash. Yup, that’s about it!

And then I return to my backpacker haven: Pahar Ganj in Delhi, India.

The country motto is correct. India is Incredible.

Are you Oz Experienced?

I’ll admit, it’s much better with butter and cheese on a sandwich, but vile nonetheless.

Having a moment with the World’s Largest Monolith.

Eatin’ croc, roo, emu, and all sorts of roadkill.

Paradise. This is why I’m returning back.

I learn how to cook like a champ.

On our way across the Pacific. Our first flight together.

Here’s where it all begins.

WTI Trip Preparation Videos

Two weeks and counting.

Bush camping cuisine. So rough. So tough.

Bush campin’ it up in my back yard. The coyote is on the loose.

WTI Introduction Videos

A more personal introduction. I’ve never liked $2 shades more.

I’ll be referring to these kooks throughout the summer. I figured it’d be good you knew what I deal with.

WTI Top Ten Video

Showing off the Circle City.

WTI Application Video

My application video for STA WTI 2009 is all about the Ratatat.

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