For those who would bleed for movement, quiver at the thought of expression, and strive for a nomadic existence, read on below for my tips on applying to be the next World Traveler Intern.

1. Sign up for the STA newsletters, so you can be the first to know when the WTI opens up to applicants.

2. Know this job is very hard. Read the blogs, realize the time and effort that go into each video, and really learn what it takes to produce content on the road.

3. Take Rachel’s advice. Move around in your application video! Avoid sitting in front of your web cam…or a world map.

4. Use music thoughtfully. I always start a video with its soundtrack. It’s got to be something that speaks of your personality and hopefully full of quirkiness and excitement. Be weary of copyright laws, because YouTube could take your audio or video down.

5. Don’t try to be like the previous interns. STA wants new and original thinkers. And don’t reuse a video from another contest or project. Make sure STA knows this video was just for them.

6. Take your time. Make many different drafts of your video. Show people you know and those you don’t. Take in feedback and make adjustments. You want your video in with some time to get some ratings, but never compromise quality for trying to get it up online. I did about ten different drafts and gave myself a week before the deadline.

7. You should want to watch your video over and over, because you love it that much. If others are saying the same thing about your video, it’s ready.

8. Market yourself. Promote your video using Twitter, Facebook, e-mail friends, Digg, anything. I made it my full-time job to throw my video around the digital universe, and I think it improved my chances of increasing views and ratings. Don’t be passive once you’ve submitted your work.

9. Have some shame. Don’t promote your video in a comment below someone else’s video. I’m embarrassed to say I did this a hand-full of times.

10. This tip is something like “dress for the job you want.” If you want to be a travel blogger/photographer/videographer, show STA you already do that! Set up a free blog on WordPress (or dig into it and self-host), display your photos somewhere (flickr or blog), and load up your YouTube channel with videos you’ve created about a trip or a place you’ve been. This job is not easy. Prove you can do it.

11. If you’re lucky enough to be a finalist, you better put a heck of a lot of work into your interview. You’re talking to the Marketing Department of STA Travel, so let them know you know what this whole thing is really about. The more prepared you are, the more impressive you’ll be.

12. If you’re lucky enough to make a finalist video, imagine this thing will go in your own Hall of Fame, the top of your portfolio, the best you’ve ever created. Anything less will cost you a trip around the world. I’m very proud of mine, and it’s safe to say they secured me other travel jobs later on!

If you have any questions, e-mail Lindsay at Nomadderwhere dot com.

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