Back That Drive Up

It's becoming more and more obvious that my future will revolve around technology: sending writing through the internet, posting digital photography, basically being a human in the 21st century. As far as this techie existence is concerned, nothing is more crippling and sorrowful than seeing your bytes of work vanish by sheer fate and fickleness of hardware. I've had an external hard drive for a year now and swear by it for traveling, if you don't carry a laptop (and maybe even if you do); however, this week, my beloved basket of digital eggs dropped the most important folder for no apparent reason: My Pictures.

Luckily most of my photographs (at least the travel ones I care most about) are backed up on CDs and through, but I still managed to lose most college photos and recent work since I've been home. It's a sad truth but one I swallow humbly for knowing I could have protected myself easily.

So, yesterday I spent some time on Mama and Papa's computers pulling up my photographs and putting them back on my hard drive. I was tickled all sorts of hues to find the most amazing spread of clips I never knew existed.

Important note: If you know me, know friends of mine, or have ever been in the same geographic vicinity as I at the same time, chances are my Mom unknowingly has blackmail of you.

I'd rather not display the greatest ones as not to muddy the good name of people I know, but here's a lower-key awesome one that makes me proud to be an Apache.

Moral of this post: You's a fine little blogger once you BACK THAT DRIVE UP.