Photo by Isabelle R. (student at TGS, 2017)

educator & curriculum developer

From 2011 to 2018, I worked at THINK Global School, the world's first traveling high school. I was fortunate to be a part of the school since its second year in operation, and I had the honor of helping build the Changemaker Program—a multidisciplinary, place-based, project-based, and holistic global program.

It's a spectacular school built on a powerful concept that travel can teach lessons of global importance and activate students to affect meaningful change. Together with students, we travel to four different countries every year to learn about the world.

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For seven years, I taught at THINK Global School, first as the Creative Arts teacher, later as the newMedia Lab instructor, and finally as a Changemaker Educator within the new PBL program.

TGS Changemaker Educator positions encompass more than just managing learning with students enrolled at TGS. It is a holistic position designed around the concept of being a mentor/advisor for students. Educators at TGS are assigned an advisory to manage Project Based Learning designed by students and staff. Educators are woven into all aspects of program delivery, often times living with students in communal settings. At TGS learning opportunities can happen at anytime and we consider informal learning situations a valid as formal classes. An educator's primary role will be to help students design a customized individual learning plan that meets TGS’s graduation requirements.

Some of the modules, projects, and courses I've taught:

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curriculum developer

In many ways, every educator at TGS is a curriculum developer, even if it's not in their job title. But when the school decided to launch the new Changemaker program, they hired four educators to step out of the classroom for a year and work on nothing but building a holistic curriculum.

A Curriculum Developer at THINK Global School is responsible for planning, developing, and proposing a three-year interdisciplinary course of study for students.

On this team, I worked to:

  1. Deliver a holistic plan to increase/implement Project Based Learning and Place Based Learning that takes greater advantage of host country’s cultural, historical, political and environmental opportunities.

  2. Deliver a plan to increase community connections within designated host countries.

  3. Develop and deliver a plan for incorporating thematic threads tied to TGS’s learning standards.

  4. Identify and document opportunities for students to develop and create independent Project Based Learning opportunities tied to TGS Learning Targets.

  5. Produce professional quality documentation for programs developed.

  6. Deliver key pieces of the project within institutional time frame, constraints, and budget.

During my 2016-2017 year as a Curriculum Developer, I traveled 110,745 km around the world to plan curriculum in eight countries.

training & experience

Master's in Fine Arts in Creative Writing

Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont

January 2016 - June 2018

Teaching Practicum: Writing Foundations at THINK Global School, online and in Botswana

Educator & Curriculum Developer at a School

Apple Teacher 2017-2018

Creative Nonfiction Writer's Workshop

Moniack Mhor in Inverness, Scotland

August 2015

Mentored by authors Robert Twigger and Jason Webster

Filming & Collaborating with Project Zero's Global Thinking Routines

The project was designed to build on Project Zero’s history of developing research-based conceptual frameworks that educators can employ to promote higher order cognition, deeper understanding of complex problems, ethics and effective collaboration. ID/Global researchers designed and TGS teachers tested a preliminary series of “Global Thinking Routines” (GTRs)--adaptable micro-teaching interventions that specifically target thinking processes that foster students’ disposition to think globally and act responsibly in the global sphere.

Boix-Mansilla, Veronica. An ID-Global Bundle to Foster Global Thinking Disposition through Global Thinking Routines. Project Zero, Harvard Graduate School of Education. 2017 06 23

Attended the Following Conferences and Training Programs

  • Deeper Learning with High Tech High | March 2017 in San Diego, USA

  • The Greater Good Science Center Summer Institute for Educators | June 2016 in Berkeley, USA

  • Peer Observation & Coaching Program through Petersen Educational Leadership, LLC | 2015-2016 in Stockholm & Florence

  • Paperless: Innovation & Technology in Education | Feb 2014 in Kanda University of International Studies in Tokyo, Japan

  • Innovation Uncensored New York | April 2013 in New York, USA