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Are you interested in following The Nakavika Project in Fiji? Surely you're dying to know how two grads with no money and a bit of skill will tackle their own self-created humanitarian effort in the Fijian highlands. Surely you're a sucker for beautiful and engaging videos, touching pictures and articulate prose. And surely you've got a few minutes per week to check up on our project and offer us a little moral support. I'm so tempted to do a surely/Shirley joke right about now, but I'll refrain because I'm in the midst of trying to pull you into my world.

Garrett and I are looking forward to this opportunity with jittering anticipation, much like passionate budget shoppers at 4am on Black Friday. We will take off from our respective airports in the early afternoon today and fly to LAX by 8:30 tonight, where we will meet and giggle and hug while jumping up and down, knocking over grandma coming home from Thanksgiving.

Driving by First Sunrise in Fiji
Driving by First Sunrise in Fiji

A few hours of checking in and tasting our last good beers for months, we will lift off for a 10'45" flight across the Pacific Ocean and land two days later (we won't have a December 2nd) in time for sunrise in Nadi. At the airport will hopefully be our friends and contacts from the village and beyond, and I sure hope they have able arms to lift our huge supply bags.

Again, please feel free to SUBSCRIBE to our posts for this project and be a part of this whole exciting process. Always remember to comment or question anything and everything, as this site is just as much a forum for discussion as a place to put stuff. Be patient though, for I won't be bringing my Blackberry, and I won't have regular access to e-mail. I'll get to you, though!

Now let's get a move on. To Fiji! Oh...and following my twitter might be a smart idea, too.