What creating art in a world art capital looks like

The last three months of living in Berlin have been culture-filled indeed. One of our guest speakers this term expressed his belief that if Paris, London, NYC, and other global cities had their heydays in past decades, Berlin is having hers right now. While it's harder to find a contributor to culture living in New York City than it is a financier or business person, in Berlin the culture contributors are the vast majority and the makers of the dough. If you're going to study art today, this is certainly a place to witness a present movement gaining definition.

Creative Arts teacher in Germany Cécile B. Evans explains this term's curriculum and the students' final project at the Berlin Biennale. Students visit the Berlin Biennale and express their impressions of various works. The culmination of Creative Arts this term is the creation of audio guides, written and recorded by TGS students, that visitors to the Biennale can use to experience this year's very political exhibition. (L.Clark)

Creative Arts teacher Cécile B Evans explains Art By Telephone, a recent activity students participated in with artists and audience members across the globe. In one afternoon, TGSers became creators of global art along with Timur Si-Qin, Lindsay Lawson, and Lucky PDF. The event was live streamed in Australia at an arts festival. (L.Clark)

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