Spring Break: the tropical one where I kept saying "What are the chances?"

Golf cart in St. Thomas, Water Island, USVI, USA, travel, on the road

I booked my ticket to St. Thomas a week prior to going, and one hour after I confirmed my flight, my friend from high school posted a photo of his current view from the same island.

This friend, Merlin (the one person I always feel most likely to run into around the world), was in Boston for the weeks prior to this posting, but our schedules conflicted and resulted in never meeting. By complete chance, we both ended up on the same flight to St. Thomas a week later (after he returned to Boston only to realize his mistake and turned right back around).

Not only that, but the night before we were both staying on the same block in Boston, unaware of the other's location beforehand.

It was a very relaxing and gorgeous "Spring Break" trip with a high school catch-up, homemade Easter brunch, and a quick jaunt to two other U.S. Virgin Islands.